InterLibrary Loans (ILL)


University and college libraries on the mainland and throughout the world have been impacted by COVID-19. Some libraries have reopened but many libraries remain closed and others offering only partial services.

Our ability to provide interlibrary loans will be greatly influenced by the availability of library services at other academic institutions.

Due to the pandemic:

  • It will take ILL staff longer than usual to borrow physical item(s) such as a book, microfilm, dvd
  • ILL will be unable to borrow some items if there are no lenders available.

Why are there changes?

  • It takes longer to locate potential lending libraries as not all libraries are offering full services.
  • Libraries may only offer journal articles or book chapter scans, and are not lending physical items.
  • ILL staff at Hamilton and libraries we borrow from may have staggered schedules and not work every day.

We ask for your continued patience and understanding during this time. We are more likely to obtain book chapters than entire book loans. If you need something urgently, please contact the ILL staff by email at

Note: Due to copyright restrictions, we cannot request scans of entire books, neither as a single scan of the entire item, nor by many individual chapter requests to comprise the entire book.

The Interlibrary Loan and Document Delivery Service at Hamilton Library will obtain needed materials such as books, journal articles, and other materials that are not available within the UH system libraries. The ILL unit works with libraries and document suppliers across the US and internationally.

All current UH Manoa students, faculty, staff, and affiliates are eligible for these services in support of their academic scholarly or university related research activities.

We are not able to offer interlibrary loan service to alumni or community users.

ILL Services

The Interlibrary Loan Unit (ILL) obtains books, journal articles, and other materials when the materials are NOT available in the UH Manoa Libraries. To request books from other libraries, use the ILL Login

To request book loans from other UH System libraries, use the OneSearch “Get This Item” request form.


Questions about ILL Requests

What may be requested?

Any material such as a book or journal article not held in the UH Manoa Libraries may be requested.

Many libraries do not lend reference books, journals (unless on microfilm), media (audiovisual, digital format, etc.), genealogical materials, archival papers, or manuscripts, but there are sometimes exceptions.

Many libraries also do not lend dissertations or theses. However, electronic copies of many dissertations from 1997 to the present may be downloaded for free from Dissertations and Theses (formerly Digital Dissertations).

Where do I pickup my ILL Loans?

You will receive email notification when your loan is available. The email will specify where to pick up the material. The location will depend upon the nature of the material. You will be asked to present and leave your UH ID card while using “Library-Use Only” loans.

  • Copies are usually made available electronically online
  • Circulating loans will be available for pick up at the Hamilton Library Circulation Counter.
  • “Library-Use Only” loans are often rare or fragile materials that require special handling. They will be placed in the Hawaiian/Pacific Collection Reading Room on the 5th Floor.
  • Microformats will be placed at the Microform Service Window on the 1st floor of the library and are “Library-Use Only”.

Check here for Microform Service Window Hours

How long can I keep loans from other libraries?

You will receive email notification about your ILL loan’s availability at the Circulation Counter. The loan will be held for you for 10 days, after which, the item may be returned to the lender if not picked up.

ILL books are given the due date that the lending library’s policy allows. The due date will be stamped on the ILL book band and also available for review from your OneSearch My Account.

Renewals are available at the discretion of the lending library.
To request renewals, please contact the ILL staff by email at or by phone 808-956-8568.  NOTE: The OneSearch online renewal function does NOT work for ILL loans.

How long does it take to get loans?

Delivery time depends on the availability of the material, the nature of the material, and the delivery method used by the supplying library. Materials not widely owned by other libraries require more time to process. Air mail or other premium delivery service is always requested for loans, but is not always possible. For photocopies, most libraries now use electronic methods to deliver to us. For all requests, BE SURE TO INDICATE ON THE REQUEST FORM the “Not Wanted After Date”.

  • Photocopies (journal articles or book chapters, for example): 1-3 days if delivered by electronic method from the supplier to us. 1-2 weeks (average) if delivered by postal mail from the supplier to us.
  • Loans received by air mail from the U.S. mainland: 1-2 weeks (average); via parcel post or library rate: 4-6 weeks.
  • Materials from foreign libraries usually take longer.

You will be notified by email when your requested items arrive.

How much does it cost?

Loans and photocopy requests are provided at no charge to UH Manoa affiliated borrowers.
Requesters funded by potential grants: please help the library by budgeting ILL needs into your grant proposal.
What are the fines for late returns and lost books?

Fees and fines are assessed at the following rates, per item:

  • Overdues: $.25 per day
  • Recalls: $.50 per day
  • Fines are assessed every day including weekends and holidays
  • An item is considered lost when the fine reaches $10
  • Effective August 20, 2018: Lost charges include a $100 deposit fee as a minimum payment towards the lending library’s replacement cost invoice, a $10 NON-refundable UHM processing fee, accumulated overdue fines, plus any processing fees imposed by the lending library.
    • Once the lending library’s invoice amount is known, the deposit will be applied against the invoice.
    • If there is a balance due, the patron will be notified and a hold is placed on his/her library account for the balance.
    • If there is a surplus, the patron will be notified and a refund check will be issued.

We appreciate your returning ILL loans in a timely manner. This allows us to keep a good borrowing relationship with the lending libraries. Overdue and lost books may result in the inability to borrow books from the lender in the future. Having our borrowing privileges suspended by other libraries affects everyone who uses ILL, including your fellow students, faculty, and staff. Mahalo for your consideration.

Questions about Electronic Documents

How do I view PDF documents?

PDF documents can be viewed using a current web browser such as Firefox or Internet Explorer with the Adobe Acrobat Reader® plug-in. Get Adobe Acrobat Reader®
How long will my documents be available for me to download?

Your Electronic Documents remain on the web for thirty days from the date you are notified of their availability.
If I accidentally delete one of my articles, can I get it back?

Email us at and we will attempt to retrieve it for you.
Will this work for UH Manoa students enrolled in distance education programs?

Yes. Your login for ILL provides you with electronic delivery services.

Information for other libraries

The Hamilton Library ILL Lending section will provide loans and document delivery to libraries that are not affiliated with the University of Hawaii from the Library’s collections. The library’s holdings may be searched in the OneSearch or in the OCLC WorldCat Catalog (OCLC Symbol: HUH).

How do I place an interlibrary loan or document delivery request for materials from the University of Hawaii at Manoa?

We prefer to receive requests through OCLC (HUH) or Docline (HIUHAU). We will also accept requests by email to or postal mail to:

University of Hawaii at Manoa
Hamilton Library, ILL Office
McCarthy Mall, Room 101
Honolulu, HI 96822
United States of America

Do you provide a rush service?

No, we are not able to provide rush service at this time.

Loan/copy fees:

Basic charges:

  • OCLC IFM users: $25.00
  • Others: $25.00
  • Docline: $5.00 for Hawaii libraries; $11.00 for libraries outside of Hawaii

Note: For copies, basic charge covers the first 20 pages; with an additional 50 cents per page for pages 21 onward

Delivery fees:

Loan delivery fees (added onto basic charges):

  • USPS First Class/Priority Mail (domestic)
  • FedEx 2-Day Priority (domestic)
  • FedEx International rate (international)

Copy delivery options:

  • Odyssey
  • Article Exchange
  • Email


Per the National Interlibrary Loan Code the requesting library assumes responsibility for borrowed material from the time it leaves the supplying library until it has been returned to and received by the supplying library. This includes all material shipped directly to and/or returned by the user. If damage or loss occurs, the borrowing (requesting) library will provide compensation or replacement, in accordance with the preference of the supplying library. Repair or replacement costs are determined by a subject librarian, plus a $10 service fee.

How long does it take to process my request?

Materials leave the ILL Office by three (3) business days. This may take longer for items requested from specialized collections or unusual requests.

How do I receive my materials?

Copies are sent via Odyssey, Article Exchange or email

Books/loans are shipped in the United States via U.S. Mail or FedEx 2-Day Priority.

International shipments are sent via FedEx, whenever possible.

How long is the loan period?

The loan period is 16 weeks with no renewal for items from our general collections.

Some materials, including special collections, may be non-circulating (e.g., Hawaiian, Pacific, Archives, audiovisual collections, microforms, journals). Exceptions might be possible, however, any exceptions must be granted by our subject librarians. The short-term loan period for exceptions is generally 14-28 days with no renewal.


Recalled items should be returned as soon as possible via Priority Mail, UPS, FedEx, Air Mail, etc. Please do not return by library/book rate or surface mail as it takes 4 – 6 weeks or longer to arrive back in Hawaii.

What materials may or may not be loaned?

Please check OneSearch for holdings and the status of materials.

The following materials may be loaned:

  • Books
  • Documents
  • Music scores
  • Theses and dissertations (2nd copies)

The following materials may NOT be loaned:

  • Bound or unbound journals
  • Newspapers
  • Microfiche and microfilm
  • Theses and dissertations (sole copies)
  • Archival and Special collections
  • Maps
  • Reference materials
  • Reserve materials
  • Audiovisuals (CDs, LPs, DVDs & VHSs, CD ROMS)

Other reasons why an item may not be loaned:

  • Materials that circulate less than 2 weeks
  • Materials already on loan
  • Materials in fragile condition


Our material should be returned in a box. Please do not use jiffy bags as material can be easily damaged. Borrowed materials must be returned by our due date via FedEx, UPS, U.S. Postal Service.

Return Shipping Address:

University of Hawaii at Manoa
Hamilton Library, ILL Office
McCarthy Mall, Room 101
Honolulu, HI 96822
United States of America

Need assistance?

Contact the Hamilton Library ILL Office:

Office Hours: Monday -Friday 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. (Hawaii Time)

For UH Manoa Students, faculty and staff

  • Phone: 1-808-956-8568
  • Email:

For all others (non-UH Manoa)

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