Exhibits Policy and Procedures

This policy addresses routine library exhibits of regular size with typical display items such as wall art, books, and other small art objects. Extremely large exhibits or displays containing objects that need special handling may require consultation with other library departments.

Guidelines for Library exhibits:

  • All exhibits should relate to library services and/or collections in some manner.
  • Exhibits must fit within the physical limitations of the designated gallery spaces and be installed using Library-approved methods.
  • Installation of exhibits is the responsibility of the exhibitor and must adhere to the Library’s exhibit guidelines.
  • Proposed exhibits will be reviewed by the Library’s Exhibit Committee.

Submitting exhibits to the Library:

  • The potential exhibitor must submit a “Request to Display” form to the Library’s Exhibit Committee.
  • The completed form will include: title/theme, a brief description of the exhibit, including suggested materials to be displayed, (and dimensions, if possible) exhibitor name and contact information, preferred exhibit dates, and connection to the Library and its services.
  • The Exhibits Committee will vote on submitted forms. Exhibitors whose proposals have been approved will be contacted by a coordinator who will facilitate the installation of the exhibit.

Liability statement

The Library will do its best to maintain proper security for loaned materials during the exhibit. There must be a clear understanding with the exhibit curator that the library cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to the materials. The “Request to Display” form includes a waiver to this effect, which must be signed by the person lending materials to the Library.

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