Conference/Multi-Purpose Room Reservation Guidelines

Priorities for Conference and Multi-Purpose Rooms

  • Instructional services of the UH Mānoa Library,
  • Other instructional activities of UH Mānoa Library faculty,
  • Staff development and training activities of the UH Mānoa Library,
  • Other meetings and events sponsored* by the UH Mānoa Library,
  • Instructional activities of non-Library UH Mānoa faculty.

*“Sponsored by the Library” means that an event has been arranged by an administrator, faculty member, or staff member of the UH Mānoa Libraries and the reservation has been approved in accordance with internal guidelines.

Requests by non-Library UH Mānoa faculty to use Hamilton Library’s conference and multi-purpose rooms are granted on a space available basis no more than 30 days in advanceConference room A153 and multipurpose rooms 301 are the only rooms that may be requested by non-Library faculty. Rooms are available Monday-Friday only; they are not available on weekends, holidays, or during periods when the Library is closed. Requests may be submitted to the Library Administration using the request form. A description of each room and its equipment is available below.

Non-Library UH Mānoa faculty may use rooms for instructional purposes as follows:

  • The use is occasional, that is, no more than three times per year by the same faculty member. No semester-long room reservations are allowed.
  • Class activities require proximity to library resources and/or computers for student use of library databases and websites.
  • The faculty member is sponsored by a UH Mānoa Library faculty member.
  • The sponsoring UH Mānoa Library faculty member will enter the classroom/multi-purpose room reservation into the Library’s online classroom calendar system no more than 30 days before the date of intended use.


Pick up and drop off keys at Hamilton Library’s Administrative Offices (HL 112) between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. If you cannot pick up or drop off keys within those hours, you need to make special arrangements.


Computers in some classrooms may require setup in advance. Please indicate on the request form if a particular hardware or software configuration is needed. Call 956-2478 for assistance if you encounter problems with hardware or software. Be aware that computer support personnel only work during regular business hours and will not be available to troubleshoot equipment in the late afternoon or evening.

Food and Beverages for Special Events

Food and beverages are prohibited in classrooms unless they have been approved as part of the room request. Food may be provided through campus dining services or through a private vendor, but individual attendees may not bring food or beverages into the library. You are responsible for meeting caterers at the Hamilton Library entrance when food is delivered and for making sure that caterers pick up the remaining food at the end of the day. Caterers may not park vehicles in the Library’s loading dock, even for a short period. You are responsible for cleaning up the room, restoring it to its previous condition, removing trash, and depositing it in receptacles outside the building. Food rubbish may not be left in the room. Event participants may not take food outside the room.


Keep the door(s) to the room closed to keep the noise at a minimum. If tables, chairs, or other furniture are moved, they must be restored to their previous locations. Turn off all lights and shut down computers at the end of the class.

Faculty members who fail to adhere to these guidelines may not be allowed to use Library classrooms in the future.

What Resources are Available in the Rooms?

Hamilton Library A153 (Yap Conference Room)

  • Student PC workstations: none
  • Instructor PC workstation: 1
  • Projector: wall mounted LCD monitor + ceiling mounted LCD
  • Chairs: 24
  • Movable tables: 8
  • Whiteboard: 1
  • PC operating system: Windows 7 Professional
  • Standard software: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Adobe Reader, Microsoft Office, EndNote
  • Media: DVD, CD, USB

Hamilton Library Multi-purpose room 301

  • Student PC workstations: none
  • Instructor PC workstation: 1
  • Projector: ceiling mounted LCD
  • Chairs: 72
  • Movable tables: 16
  • PC operating system: Windows 7 Professional
  • Standard software: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Adobe Reader, Microsoft Office, EndNote
  • Media: DVD, CD, USB

These guidelines were adopted on February 14, 2013 by the Library Departmental Council.

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