Subject Librarians

Subject Librarian
Accounting and Taxation David Flynn
Agriculture Patricia Brandes
American Studies David Brier
Animal Sciences Patricia Brandes
Anthropology David Brier
Aquaculture Patricia Brandes
Architecture David Brier
Art David Brier
Asia Dongyun Ni
Astronomy and Astrophysics Science & Technology Reference
Atmospheric Sciences Jan Sung
Biological Engineering Patricia Brandes
Biology Science & Technology Reference
Botany Science & Technology Reference
Business David Flynn
Jean Charlot Collection Malia Van Heukelem
Chemistry Science & Technology Reference
China Studies Dongyun Ni
Classics David Gustavsen
Communication David Brier
Communicology David Brier
Computer Science Science & Technology Reference
Dance David Brier
Dental Hygiene Carolyn Dennison
Digital Humanities David Gustavsen
Ecology Science & Technology Reference
Economics David Flynn
Education David Brier
Engineering Jan Sung
English David Gustavsen
Entomology Patricia Brandes
Entrepreneurship David Flynn
Environmental Studies David Brier
Ethnic Studies David Brier
Family Resources Patricia Brandes
Fashion Design & Merchandising Patricia Brandes
Film David Brier
Finance David Flynn
Food Sciences Patricia Brandes
Forestry Patricia Brandes
French David Gustavsen
Genetics Patricia Brandes
Geography David Brier
Geology Jan Sung
German David Gustavsen
Government Documents Gwen Sinclair
Hawaii Jodie Mattos Dore Minatodani Kapena Shim
Hawaii Congressional Papers Casie Azuma
Hawaii War Records Depository Leilani Dawson
Hawaiian Studies Jodie Mattos Dore Minatodani Kapena Shim
Health Statistics Carolyn Dennison
History David Brier
Horticulture Patricia Brandes
Human Nutrition Carolyn Dennison
Japan Studies Tokiko Y Bazzell バゼル山本登紀子
Japanese American Veterans Leilani Dawson
Korea Studies Ellie Kim
Landscape Architecture Patricia Brandes
Law David Brier
Library & Information Science Science & Technology Reference
Linguistics David Gustavsen
Management David Flynn
Management Information Systems David Flynn
Maps, Aerial Photos & GIS Ted Kwok
Marine Sciences Jan Sung
Marketing David Flynn
Mathematics Science & Technology Reference
Medical Technology Carolyn Dennison
Molecular Biology Patricia Brandes
Music Currently Vacant
Natural Resource Management Patricia Brandes
Nursing Carolyn Dennison
Oceanography Jan Sung
Okinawa Sachiko Iwabuchi
Pacific Island Studies Stu Dawrs Eleanor Kleiber
Peace Studies David Brier
Philippines Studies Elena Clariza
Philosophy David Brier
Physics Science & Technology Reference
Plant Pathology Patricia Brandes
Political Science David Brier
Psychology David Brier
Public Administration David Brier
Public Health Carolyn Dennison
Religion David Brier
Russia (History, Geography, etc.) Patricia Polansky
Second Language Studies David Gustavsen
Social Work David Brier
Sociology David Brier
Soil Science Patricia Brandes
South Asia Studies Karen Kadohiro
Southeast Asia Studies Rohayati Paseng
Spanish David Gustavsen
Speech Pathology Carolyn Dennison
Theater David Brier
Travel Industry Management David Flynn
University of Hawaiʻi Helen Wong Smith
Urban & Regional Planning David Brier
Water Resources Patricia Brandes
Women’s Studies David Brier
Zoology Science & Technology Reference

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