Program Overview and Student Learning Outcomes

History is the study of the past. In examining the past we learn about how the world we live in today emerged. At the same time, we also sharpen a number of critical skills.

Historians study complex historical processes and developments. They learn to deal with ambiguity and conflicting points of view. They read and analyze documents and other primary source materials in their historical contexts, and they write fact-based papers that synthesize large amounts of information. Majoring in history is thus an excellent way to prepare for a career in any number of diverse fields which require people to think critically and communicate effectively, such as teaching, journalism, law, politics, government service, public relations, library and information sciences, publishing, or business. In addition to these general aspects concerning the study of history, the Department of History curriculum also emphasizes the following specific student learning outcomes:

  1. Students can explain historical change and continuity.
  2. Students can write clear expository prose and orally present their ideas according to disciplinary conventions.
  3. Students can identify, interpret and evaluate primary sources and other relevant information.
  4. Students can identify the main historiographical issues in a specific area of concentration.


Emily Holmberg in sunflower field

Meet Emily Holmberg, current Undergraduate President of the Alpha Beta Epsilon Chapter of Phi Alpha Theta, History Honor Society. Read why Emily studies history here at UH.

How to Declare History as Your Major

Declaring History as your major is really simple. First, fill out the Declaration of Major Form (PDF) and secondly, set up a meeting with one of our staff to discuss major requirements. When you prepare to graduate, please see the Undergraduate Coordinator for review and signature of your Goldenrod form for graduation. If you declared history as your major when you entered or transferred to UHM, you still need to meet with a major advisor.


Prof. Karen Jolly, Undergraduate Coordinator
Office Hours: Book an appointment via:

Julie Motooka, Instructional & Student Support Specialist
Office Hours: M-F during regular business hours. Email for meeting link.