Double Majoring in History

The critical thinking, reading, and writing skills gained from a History major are an excellent complement to other majors. Consult with your advisor. Depending on your primary major’s credit requirements and with careful planning, you could obtain a second major in History in the same amount of time it takes to obtain a Bachelor of Arts in another program or department! Refer to the Plan Template of various majors to give you a general sense of how many core and elective courses can count towards a second major.

The programs below are just a few examples of candidates for a double major in History:

…and many more!

If you are interested in adding a second major in History, please complete this application form (PDF) which requires approval and signature from your current major department, and the Department of History. Please refer to this form for procedures and requirements for adding multiple majors. Once completed, the form must be submitted to the Advising Center for the College of Arts, Languages & Letters.

If you are already a History major, and would like to add a second major in another field, please consult with the advising center of that particular college/school. If you are declaring a second major in the College of Arts, Languages & Letters, your advising center remains the same.