Dissertation Titles

PhDs AWARDED (2000 to Present)


W. Matthew Cavert
Remaking the Pacific: Ecological Imagination and Transformation in France’s Pacific Island Empire 1842-1931

J. Uluwehi Hopkins
Kāneikawaiola ma Mānoa: The Life-Giving Waters of Mānoa

Aaron Rom Moralina
Health, Welfare, and a Nation-In-Transition: The Philippine Sanidad in the Late U.S. Colonial Period Through the Early Postcolonial Years


Shirley Buchanan
He Kama Initini: How Native Hawaiian Goverance and American Indian Policy Became Linked in the 19th Century

J. Susan Corley
‘He aupuni ao palapala Ko ‘U’ (Mine Is a Reading and Writing Kingdom)’: Kamehameha III Promoted Literacy and Saved His Nation

Stephen Flanigan
Texts and Traditions of the Lushan Rite in Late Imperial Fujian and Taiwan

Mei Xu
Re-imagining Republican Era Shanghai and Emerging Legal Discourse through Cheng Xiaoqing’s Huo Sang Tan’an Series


Brandon Tachco
One Ship, Thousands of Lives: A Transnational History of Shipbuilding, Shipping and the Maritime World as Seen Through the Life of An Average Merchant Sailing Ship, 1886-1930


Brian T. Alofaituli
Indigenous Protest in Colonial Sāmoa: The Mau Movements and the Response of the London Missionary Society, 1900-1935

Alex Holowicki
The PAX Cinemana: Film and the Pursuit of Peace, 1914-1939

Hieu M. Phung
Land & Water: A History of Fifteenth-Century Vietnam from an Environmental Perspective

Adam P. Witten
The Use of Plants for the Reconstitution of History: Duhamel Du Monceau, Arthur Young, Ōkura Nagatsune and Alternative Early-Modern Agricultures


Chi Tim Ho
The Origins, Building, and Impact of a Social Welfare State in Late Colonial Singapore

Robert Findlay
Captivating Hearts and Minds: The Attempted Americanization of Asian Cultures, 1945-1970


Drew Gonrowski
Ka ‘Āina Paiālewa I Ke Kai: Kanaka Hawai‘i Gold-Mining Communities in Oregon and California 

James Viernes
Negotiating Manhood: Chamorro Masculinities and US Military Colonialism, 1898-1941

John Welden
To Bring Order Out of Chaos: Literati Medicine of the Jin Dynasty (1115-1234)


Michael Johnson
Beyond the Baselines: Baseball in the Hawaiian Islands as a Transnational Sport, 1840-1945

Patrick Patterson
Artist & Entrepreneur: Nakayama Shimpei’s Popular Songs in Modern Japan, 1887-1952

Andrew Peterson
Making the First Global Trade Route: Indo Contributions and Spanish Dependency in the Forging of the Acapulco-Manila Gallon Trade, 1519-1650

Mark Ombrello
Monstrous Projections and Paradisal Visions: Japanese Conceptualizations of the South Seas (Nanyo) as a Supernatural Space from Ancient Times to the Contemporary Period

Sung Pil Kang
Illustrated America: Freedom of Expression and the Democratization of Tattoos in Contemporary American Culture

Lance Nolde
Changing Tides: A History of Power, Trade, and Transformation among the Sama Bajo Sea Peoples of Eastern Indonesia in the Early Modern Period


Ronald C. Williams, Jr
Claiming Christianity: The Struggle over God and Nation in Hawaii, 1880-1900

Joel Tannenbaum
Problems of Value and Scarcity in the History of International Organ Trafficking

Zachary Martin
Jack Tar’s Perilous World: Privateers, Impressed Seafarers, Whalemen, Nautical Abolitionists & Traumatic Memory in the American Maritime Narrative

Chungjoon Lee
Heartstrings to the Homeland: Evolving Ethnic Identities Among the Korean diaspora in China, Russia, and Japan

Bryce Beemer
The Creole City in Mainland Southeast Asia: Slave Gathering Warfare and Cultural Exchange in Burma, Thailand and Manipur, 18th-19th C

Martin Thiry
Colonial Police in the Dutch East Indies: the Case of the Ambonese Armed Police (1897-1942)

Monica LaBriola
Likiep Kapin Iep: Land, Power, and History on a Marshallese Atoll

M. Effendy Bin Abdul Hamid
Nager Cam and the Priests of Prowess: The Historical Origins of Resilience

Melissa A. Esmacher
The Riotous Home Front: Contested Racial Spaces in World War II Los Angeles, Detroit, and Harlem


Richard J Martin
Fleecing the Science of Love: William Proxmire, Elaine Hatfield, and the Politics of Gender in the 1970s

John P. Porter
Poverty Management and Urban Governance in Modern Osaka, 1871-1944


Michael R. Clement
Kustumbre, Modernity and Resistance: The Subaltern Narrative in Chamorro Language Music

Michael Sprunger
Grafting Justice: Crime and the Politics of Punishment in Korea, 1875-1945

Manumaua L. Simanu-Klutz
`A Malu I Fale: `E Malu Fo`II Fafo – Samoan Women and Power; Towards an Historiography of Changes and Continuities in Power Relations in Le Nu’u O ‘Teine of Saoluafata, 1380-1998, C.E.

Achmad Ubaedillah
Khalwatiah Sammān: A Popular Islamic Movement in South Sulawesi, Indonesia (1820s-1998)

Saiful Uman
Localizing Islamic Orthodoxy in Northern Coastal Java in the Late 19th and Early 20th Centuries: A Study of Pegon Islamic Texts

Erin Cozens
The Shadow Only be Their Portion: Gendered Colonial Spaces in Aotearoa/New Zealand, 1840-1855


William Stevenson III
The Spirit of Adventure: Japanese Exploration and the Quest for the Pole


Frank Bailey
`Āina Ho`opulapula: A Contested Legacy—Prince Jonah Kūhiō Kalanaian`ole’s Hawaiian Homes Commission Act during the Territorial Years, 1921-1959

Adam Fong
Flourishing on the Frontier: Trade and Urbanization in Tang Dynasty Guangzhou, 618-907 C.E.

Betty Ickes
Tokelau’s Decolonization and Olohega’s Penu Tafea in the Hawai`i Diaspora

Tatiana Parent
The “Wild Men” of the Roman Army: The Role and Significance of Tribal Culture and Warrior Traditions Amongst Germanic, Thracian and Mauretanian Soldiers


Bailey, Scott
Travel, Science, and Empire: The Russian Geographical Society’s Expeditions to Central Eurasia, 1845-1905

Kelli Nakamura
Suspected Criminals, Spies, and “Human Secret Weapons”: The Evolution of Japanese-American Representations in Political and Cultural Discourse from Hawaiʻi to Japan, 1880-1950s

Marian Young
Shenjing Shibao: Constructing Public Opinion in Late Qing China


Muhamad Ali
Religion and Colonialism: Islamic Knowledge in South Sulawesi and Kelantan, 1905-1945

Geok Yian Goh
Cakkravatiy Anuruddha and the Buddhist Oikoumene: Historical Narratives of Kingship and Religious Networks in Burma, Northern Thailand, and Sri Lanka (11th-14th Centuries)

Jenny Klages
Cambodia, Catholicism, and Conquistadores: Spanish-Cambodian Interactions from the Late Sixteenth to the Mid-Seventeenth Century

Keng We Koh
Moving People and a Prelude to Colonialism: The Kingdom of Johor, 1784-1818

Lizbeth Piel
The Ideology of the Child in Japan, 1600-1945

John Pincince
On the Verge of Hindutva: V.D. Savarkar, Revolutionary, Convict, Ideologue, c. 1905-1924

Akiko Sugiyama
Ideas About the Family, Colonialism and Nationalism in Javanese Society

Robin Tatu
Performing the Ancestors: A Balinese Historiographical Tradition


Joe Cheavens
Kkangp’ae and Yakuza: Organized Crime in Colonial Korea

Joshua Fan
The Homeless Generation: Voices from the Invisible Chinese Diaspora

Thomas Goodman
The Sosolot: An Eighteenth Century East Indonesian Trade Network

Virginia Neel
China in the Development of British Economic Theories and National Identity


Keith Camacho
Cultures of Commemoration: The Politics of War, Memory and History in the Mariana Islands

James Corcoran
The Jingu-Wayang Encounter: China and Indonesia during the Cultural Revolution and the Gestapu Coup and Countercoup

Paul Demura-Devore
The Political Institutionalization of Tea Specialists in Seventeenth Century Tokugawa Japan: The Case of Sen Sōtan and Sons

Scott Mudd
Graphic Propaganda: Japan’s Creation of China in the Prewar Period, 1894-1937

Brandon Palmer
Japan’s Mobilization of Koreans for War, 1937-1945

Janine Richardson
Keiki O Ka’ Aina: Institutional Care for Hawai`i’s Dependent Children, 1865-1938


Maureen Burgess
The Cup of Ruin and Desolation: Seventeenth-Century Witchcraft in the Chesapeake

Douglas Fuqua
The Japanese Missions to Tang China and Maritime Exchange in East Asia, 7th-9th  Centuries

Kerri Inglis
“A Land Set Apart”: Disease, Displacement, & Death at Makanalua Moloka’i

Grace Mateo
A History of Ilocos: A Story of the Regionalization of Spanish Colonialism

John Treiber
Mapping Manchuria: The Japanese Production of Knowledge in Manchuria—Manchukuo to 1945


Kathryn Anderson
The Open Door: Early Modern Wajorese Statecraft and Diaspora

Grace Ai-ling Chou
Confucian Cultural Education on the Chinese Periphery: Hong Kong’s New Asia College, 1949-1976

Elizabeth Dorn
“For God, Home and Country”: The Woman’s Christian Temperance Union and Reform Efforts in Meiji Japan

Frank Marotti
Negotiating Freedom in St. Johns County, Florida, 1812-1862

Ron Roy
Powerful Warriors and Influential Clergy: Interaction and Conflict between the Kamakura Bakufu and Religious Institutions

Bonnie Traymore
Dangerously Sensual: The Sexual Revolution, Feminism, and Grrl Power in Postwar America


Robert Fish
The Heiress and the Love Children: Sawada Miki and the Elizabeth Saunders Home for Mixed-Blood Orphans in Postwar Japan

Hans Van Tilburg
Misunderstood Junks: The Western View of Chinese Maritime Technology


Liam Kelley
Whither the Bronze Pillars? Envoy Poetry and the Sino-Vietnamese Relationship in the 16th to the 19th Centuries

Bernardo Michael
Separating the Yam from the Boulder: Statemaking, Space, and the Causes of the Anglo-Gorkha War of 1814-1816


Julia Bronson
One Turn of Pitch & Toss: Curzon, Younghusband & the Gamble for Lhasa, 1903 to 1904

Jeff Long
Overcoming Marxism in Early Shōwa Japan: Hayashi Fusao’s Seinen and the Turn to Ultranationalism