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Here you will find information on current and upcoming undergraduate course offerings. We are proud to offer a wide variety of courses on Hawaiian, Pacific, Asian, European, and U.S. History.

Fall 2016

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Summer 2016

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Spring 2016

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New and Upcoming Courses


HIST 400: Digital History in the Global Village
Learn history by “doing” digital history using free and open source software and media. Coders are welcome, but no special computing skills are required beyond an adventurous spirit. All of the reading will be available electronically and open access where possible, keeping costs to a minimum. Professor Rath is the Director of The Digital Arts and Humanities Initiative at UH and will be introducing the resources, opportunities, and support of the Initiative as part of the course.

HIST 453: Colonial Medicine
History 453 is a course designed to introduce students to the skill and methods of conducting historical research and writing. Subject matter will be the early-modern history of medicine, and its intersection with European expansion and colonial encounters. Much consideration will be on the intersection of food, climate, and the body, as well as the role of new drugs and illnesses on colonial agents. 

HIST 607: Advanced Topics in Environmental History
This course is an introduction to leading themes, methodologies, and topics in world environmental history. Drawing on new and influential scholarship, readings explore the diverse forces that shape humans’ adaptation to and impact on the natural world. Repeatable one time. (Alt. years)