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The Department of History is grateful for the incredible generosity of community members, alumni, faculty and their families, and many other people who value History for their ongoing support of our programs. Donations to scholarships and research funds make it possible for the legacies and lessons of History to continue to enrich our local, national, and global educational mission, and help us support a vibrant and engaged civic discourse on the issues that face our contemporary society. We invite you to learn more about History’s work on the website, and if you are interested in making a contribution, to contact the History Chair ( We have specific funds whose programs you may want to support in relation to specific geographic regions or fields, and we are always grateful for support of our programs more generally via our History Enrichment Fund.  Warm mahalo to all of our supporters, participants in our activities and programs, and lovers of History worldwide.

The Department of History welcomes monetary donations.
Contributions of funds will be used to support:

• Student tuition
• Research travel
• Research materials
• Scholarships
• Awards

If you are interested making a donation, please contact the Chair of the Department or the University of Hawaiʻi Foundation. You may also make an online donation by going to one of these links directly: