History Major Requirements

As of Summer/Fall 2020

Students must complete eleven courses (33 credit hours) in History with a minimum grade of C (not C-) or better, with the following provisions:

  • Up to two 200-level History courses (6 credits total) may be counted toward the History major.
  • 100-level History courses do not count toward the major.
  • One 300- or 400-level course (3 credits) from another department may be counted toward the History major, with written History Department approval, according to criteria set by the department.
  • HIST 396 and HIST 496 in sequence

History majors are encouraged to pursue a geographic, methodological, temporal, or thematic focus by selecting courses along pathways of interest developed by the faculty and under the guidance of a major advisor.

Note: HIST 499 requires approval by Chair of History Department. Directed readings are not normally counted toward major or minor requirements. Only three credits of HIST 499 can be applied toward major or minor requirements.

Previous Requirements (up to & including Spring 2020)

Please refer to our information sheet of previous major requirements.

Mandatory Online Grad Session

You must complete the Online GRAD provided by The Advising Center for the Colleges of Arts & Humanities and Languages, Linguistics & Literature at least 2 semesters before you intend to graduate. This online session will instruct you to fill out a Goldenrod Form and have it signed by the History Undergraduate Coordinator. Goldenrod Forms can be obtained from the Undergraduate Coordinator or from the History Office, SAK A203.