Citation fines must be paid within fifteen calendar days of issuance. If you have received a citation, you may pay for it:

  • online with a credit card
  • by sending check and copy of your citation to:
    UH Mānoa Commuter Services Office
    2600 Campus Road, QLC 014
    Honolulu, HI 96822
  • Cash, (coins if rolled and bank stamped), checks, and credit cards accepted at Office.

Citations not paid within fifteen days from date of issuance will result in the following:

    • $10 late fee
    • Your vehicle is subject to towing

Citations left unpaid for more than 30 days will result in all of the above, plus:

      • A hold placed on your University account. If you are a current or former UH student, you will not be allowed to register for or drop classes, receive a diploma, or obtain transcripts while this administrative hold is in effect. Your account will be fully restored after payment has been received for the outstanding citation(s) – by noon of the following business day if payment is made online.
      • The account will be sent to a collection agency.
        • For citations incurred prior to March 2015 – Todd Bremer and Lawson, Inc
        • For citations incurred March 2015 to present – Account Control Technology

NOTE: An unpaid citation is the responsibility of the vehicle’s registered owner. A City and County of Honolulu DMV Notice of Transfer must be filed within ten days of selling a vehicle to release liability for citations issued to the vehicle after its sale.

If you have received a citation and believe it was issued in error, you may file an informal appeal. Online appeals must be filed within fifteen days of the citation issue date.



In your appeal, detail why you feel you should not have been cited. If there are applicable documents to support your appeal, make sure to include legible copies of them when filing the appeal. For a vehicle no longer owned or one that was purchased after the citation was issued, please fill out our Overdue Citation Notice Disclaimer and provide accompanying paperwork, including a copy of Notice of Transfer you filed with the Department of Motor Vehicles. The Parking Appeals Officer will determine the validity of the obligation based on information submitted to refute the charge.

The following types of reasons are NOT acceptable grounds for appeal:

Lack of knowledge of the regulations, e.g., new to campus or have not reviewed regulations
Loaned vehicle to a family member, friend, or associate and had no knowledge of parking violation
Other vehicles were also improperly parked
Late to class or appointment
Disagreement with or inability to pay the amount of the fines

Click here to Appeal Online

NOTE: During the appeals process, the citation remains outstanding. Submitting an appeal does not necessarily mean that the citation will be cancelled. You should receive notice of the Appeals Officer’s decision within approximately three weeks of the presentation of your appeal.