Parking Permit Rates

Permits for parking on the UH Mānoa campus provide a substantial savings compared to daily cash rates. Employees including graduate assistants are eligible for semester or annual (academic year) permits. Semester permits are available to students residing in on-campus housing as well as those commuting on a semester basis. There are a limited number of all parking permits available. Regular visitors and contractors may obtain temporary permits.

2022-2023 Parking Permits


Permit Types Semester Annual
Surface (All zones except Zone 20)1 $350 $1050
Structure (Zone 20)1 $259 $777
Moped/Motorcycles2 $76 $228
Evening3 $44/month


Permit Types Semester
Student1 $200
Evening3 $44/month

1 Sale and refund values prorate on the 1st and 16th of the month
2 Sale and refund values prorate at the midpoint of the semester on October 16, March 16, and July 1
3 Sale and refund values prorate on the 16th of each month

Purchasing Permits

All permits should be purchased online with a credit card. Employees may use payroll deduction as part of the annual permit allocation process in lieu of credit card purchase.


Refunds may be obtained for annual and semester permits.

  1. Complete the Payroll Deduction Cancellation Form for permits purchased by Payroll Deduction. OR Complete the Permit Return Form for permits purchased via credit card or check.
  2. Return the physical permit to Commuter Services Business Office via mail or by placing it in the designated dropbox. If you are placing it in the designated dropbox, we are not able to provide a receipt.
  3. Permits received before the start date of the semester may receive a full refund.
  4. Permits received on or after the start date will be refunded at the prorated amount based on the date the permit was received by the commuter services office.

Employees may exchange permits to move to a different parking zone upon approval and based on your department’s parking allocations, for a $10 processing fee. Additional fees may apply if you are exchanging permits with different fee structures.

Regulations Regarding Parking Permits

  • Only one permit per vehicle type may be purchased per person and is to be used solely for the vehicle for which it is issued
  • Proper permits/passes must be displayed at all times in plain view.
    • Cars and trucks: on the dashboard or rear-view mirror;
    • Motorcycles and mopeds: affixed on the left handlebar.
  • A Surface permit/pass designates a specific parking zone where the vehicle may be parked; it does not, however, guarantee a space in that specific Surface parking area. Permit holders are always guaranteed a space in the Lower Campus Parking Structure (Zone 20).
  • A permit for a Surface lot is not transferable to any other Surface lot, but may be used to park in the Lower Campus Parking Structure (Zone 20).
  • Student permits may only be used to park in the designated zone, unless out of zone parking is permissible (see final regulation below).
  • All valid parking permits are issued solely by the authority of UHM Commuter Services.
  • The use or possession of a(n) invalid, expired, counterfeit, altered, defaced, illegally transferred, or stolen permit/pass is prohibited and will result in a citation and/or towing.
  • Permit requirement is enforced Monday – Saturday, except during State Holidays and special events*.
  • Afternoon permits may park in Zone 20 after 12pm until midnight and/or in surface lots after 4pm until midnight Monday – Friday, all day Saturday, Sunday, and State Holidays. No overnight parking allowed in structure (zone 20) at any time.
  • Vehicles displaying valid permits are allowed to park out of zone between 4pm – midnight Monday – Friday, all day Saturday, Sunday, and State Holidays*. Out of zone parking not allowed in areas reserved for special events/conditions.

*Zone 8, 19, 21 permit requirement enforced 24 hours daily and reserved for respective permit holders only (no out of zone parking allowed except for Medical Permits).

Read further UHM Parking Regulations

Lost or Stolen Permits

Report a missing or stolen permit.. File this report with the parking office to request a permit replacement. A $10 administrative fee is assessed to re-issue lost or stolen permits. Your previous permit number will be placed on a lost/stolen permit list and any vehicle using this permit will be subject to immediate tow.