Electric Vehicles

Parking for Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles are allowed to park on Surface lots or in Structure lots with the purchase of an annual permit, semester permit, or daily visitor parking. Regular parking policies and rates apply.

Commuter Services provides four charging stations for electric vehicles located at the Lower Campus Parking Structure.

Charging vehicles by any means other than a designated charging station, including plugging an individual vehicle to charge into an electric outlet at any UH Mānoa facility, is prohibited and will result in a citation.

EV Charging

Charging Stations

Electric vehicle charging stations are located on the first floor of the Lower Campus parking structure, Phase I in section F. ChargePoint now provides our charging service (replacing OpConnect and the Better Place system). ChargePoint has many locations throughout the island.

The ChargePoint app makes it easy, to find available stations, start charging, get notifications and pay for charging. Take advantage of the new “Tap to Charge” feature as an easy, convenient way to pay for your EV charge using your iPhone or Apple Watch.

How to start your charge on a ChargePoint Station.

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Charging cost in these Zone 20 stalls is $0.44/kWh kilowatt hour, with time calculated as the entire duration car is plugged in.

EV Charging Stalls

Electric Vehicle FAQ

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Because the university has no policy to allow for free parking, EVs will need to follow the existing parking policy. Employees and students will need to purchase semester or annual term permits. Visitors will need to pay the visitor rate of $5 or $7 for the structure, depending on day and time. Alternatively, they can pay the visitor rate of $3 for 30 minutes or fraction thereof for surface lot green (visitor) stalls.
When Act 168-12 ends, the reversion to existing policy would occur on July 1, 2020. Please make appropriate accommodations.
There are four EV chargers in the Zone 20 parking structure that cost $0.44/kWh, irrespective of time of day. Comparatively, HECO charges range from $0.49/kWh to $0.57/kWh dependent on the time of day.
We remain committed to supporting those who choose sustainable commute options. Parking fees are used to pay for the cost associated with the parking stalls. All types of vehicles—whether they’re electric, hybrid, or gas cars—are included in the utilization of these stalls.

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