Thank you for your interest in carpooling. By sharing your ride, you’ll be doing your part to protect the environment and reduce traffic, as well as the demand for parking at the Mānoa campus. You may also be able to save by sharing costs with other members of your carpool and speed up your commute by using High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) or Zipper lanes.


Qualifications for Carpool Permit

At this time, UH Mānoa Carpool Permits are only available to registered students who are not living in student housing.

Peak Hours (minimum two people required)

During peak hours, cars displaying a Carpool Permit must have a vehicle occupancy of at least two people. This is checked at entry. If there is only a single occupant in the vehicle (the driver), payment of the daily $5 fee will be required. Parking during peak hours is allowed in the Parking Structure only.

Off-Peak Hours (driver only allowed)

During off-peak hours, the Carpool Permit is valid with only ONE person (the driver) in the vehicle on entry in these locations.

Purchase Carpool Permit


Drive alone and don’t know of anyone to carpool with? Don’t worry the State of Hawaiʻi has a carpool matching system to help. Visit the Hawaiʻi Department of Transportation Carpool Match.

Additional Resources

Leeward Oahu Transportation Management Association (LOTMA)

Hawaiʻi Department of Transportation Carpool Match

Oahu Vanpool’s Zimride Registration

Oahu Vanpool Zimride Incentive Program