Academic Actions

This webpage is meant to be a general overview of the academic actions taken by the Mānoa Advising Center (MAC).  For specific information regarding your situation and options, it is recommended you speak with your academic advisor.  


At the end of each Fall and Spring semester, the academic records of exploratory students are reviewed and academic actions are taken by MAC.  Academic actions are not taken at the end of Summer Sessions, and those taken at the end of Spring terms are carried through the Fall semester.  More information on the University’s academic policy can be found in the UH Mānoa Catalog.

Coursework taken at other institutions, including other UH System campuses, do not affect a student’s Mānoa GPA and will not be considered for the purposes of Mānoa academic actions.  


Suspension and Dismissal: MAC students are informed of academic actions which prevent their enrollment in a future semester via an email message to their account and a letter sent to them by the Mānoa Advising Center.  It is the student’s responsibility to ensure their address on record is the most current and accurate, and to notify Records of any changes.

Notification of other academic actions (i.e., warning, probation, continued probation, removed from probation) is sent via an email to their account; no hard copy notice is sent.

Actions Taken Per Semester

Action Fall Spring
Warning Yes Yes
Probation Yes Yes
Continued Probation Yes Yes
Removed from Probation Yes Yes
Suspension Yes Yes
Dismissal Yes Yes
Low Semester GPA Alert Yes Yes


  • Academic Action:  A permanent notation on your transcript that indicates that you were on Probation, Suspension, or Dismissal for a specific semester(s)
  • Attempted Credits:  The number of credits you have registered for, inclusive of credits that were not earned and credits for courses that were repeated
  • Semester GPA:  Your GPA for the semester
  • Cumulative GPA:  Your GPA averaged across all semesters at Mānoa (note:  some majors will also calculate a cumulative GPA that includes transfer coursework)
  • Unsatisfactory Academic Progress:  When your semester and/or cumulative GPA is below 2.00

Official Academic Actions


Students are issued a Warning when their cumulative grade point average (GPA) is below 2.00 after their first Fall or Spring semester at Mānoa.  Students who do not raise their cumulative GPA to 2.00 or higher at the end of their second semester will be placed on Probation (see details below).


Students are placed on Probation at the end of any Fall or Spring semester, after their first Mānoa semester, in which their cumulative GPA falls below 2.00.  Students on Probation are allowed to register for classes at Mānoa, but are required to earn a minimum 2.00 semester GPA at Mānoa in order to be allowed further registration.  Failure to meet the terms of Probation may result in Suspension or Dismissal (see details below).

Continued Probation

Students on Probation may continue to register at Mānoa and will remain on Continued Probation while their cumulative Mānoa GPA is below a 2.00, providing they maintain a semester GPA of 2.00 or higher in Mānoa coursework.  Students on Continued Probation must meet the terms of Probation every semester for continued enrollment and will remain on Continued Probation until their cumulative Mānoa GPA is raised to a 2.00 or higher at the end of a Fall or Spring semester.  Failure to meet the terms of Continued Probation may result in Suspension or Dismissal (see details below).

Removed from Probation

Students are removed from Probation when their cumulative Mānoa GPA is raised to a 2.00 or higher when reviewed at the end of a Fall or Spring semester.


When a student is on Probation or Continued Probation and does not meet the terms of Probation during a Fall or Spring semester, they are Suspended (i.e., a student was on Probation at the end of Spring 2019 and does not earn a 2.00 semester GPA in Fall 2019 coursework).

Students on Suspension are required to sit-out for one regular (Fall or Spring) semester.  During this Suspension period a student will not be allowed to register for any courses at Mānoa.  This includes all regular semester courses and those offered through Outreach College.

Students on Suspension must reapply to return to Mānoa and are ineligible for a leave of absence during their sit-out semester.  Readmission is guaranteed on a probationary status, provided they meet the following conditions:

  1. Have not taken any credit courses at an educational institution since their Suspension semester (includes Summer Sessions when suspended at the end of Spring).
  2. Submit the Common Application Form to the Office of Admissions, meeting all published deadlines and submitting applicable fees.  A Suspended student needs to apply as a transfer student. Click here for more information on admission.
  3. Return during the regular semester immediately following their Suspension semester.

Students readmitted after Suspension are subject to the terms of probation.  As Suspension can occur only once, a student who does not meet the terms of Probation when readmitted after Suspension is Dismissed.


Students who have been Suspended and who subsequently fail to maintain the minimum academic requirements of UH Mānoa or their college, school, or program or fail to meet the terms of Probation may be Dismissed at the end of Fall or Spring semesters.  Such students will be readmitted only in unusual circumstances and only after they sit-out for a minimum period of a year and demonstrate a readiness to return to UH Mānoa.  The procedure for readmission as an Exploratory student through the Mānoa Advising Center can be found on our Readmissions Page.  Students admitted on Probation may be Dismissed again if they fail to maintain the minimum academic requirements or to meet the terms of Probation.

Unofficial Action

Low Semester GPA Alert

This is a warning for students whose cumulative GPA is equal to or above 2.00, but whose semester GPA is below 2.00.  A semester GPA below 2.00 is unsatisfactory and failure to improve may lead to future consequences, including Academic Probation, Suspension, or Dismissal.

*This type of action is unofficial, meaning you have been notified that your academic progress is unsatisfactory, however, these actions are not permanently marked on your transcript*