Front Desk Workers

Front desk workers set up appointments for students and assists advisors and peer advisors in anyway possible.  They are also trained on different resources around campus and serve as a referral source to other offices.

Mānoa Peer Advisors

Mānoa peer advisors are vital members of the Mānoa Advising Center staff. They are individually selected and specially trained by the academic advisors and provide advising on academic requirements, referrals, and other assistance. Peer advisors are students, just like you, so they have an understanding of college life from a similar perspective.

Academic Advisors

Mānoa Advising Center Advisors provide academic advising for all students who are exploratory or pre-majors and assist students with major selection, academic planning and scheduling, while providing a cross-campus perspective on the over 90 majors offered at UHM.  MAC Advisors are full-time faculty members here to assist you.