Incoming Freshman

Who is considered an incoming freshman?

If you are still in high school or have completed fewer than 24 transferable college credits, you will apply as a freshman.

First Steps:

Apply to the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa. Be sure to send official high school transcripts, official standadized test scores, and official transcrips for any transfer work you may have completed.  This includes AP credits, summer school, etc. Review the information provided by the Admissions Office online, regarding the freshman application process, and meet all posted deadlines Incoming Freshman Admissions.

Once you’ve been accepted:

Preparing for your first registration:
1. Placement exams: Register and take placement exams, if necessary. Placement exam information is available on the registrar’s office website. Check with your academic advisor if you are not sure whether you need to take placement exams.

  •  There is no longer a placement exam for native speakers of English

– Non-native speakers who are not exempt will need to take the ELI placement exam.

2. Attend Welina Mānoa (New Student Orientation) to familiarize yourself with requirements, the campus and other students .

3. Visit your academic advisors for assistance with scheduling, registration, general education, and core requirements.

  • ​If you are unable to meet with an advisor prior to registering, visit the Program Sheets webpage to learn about your degree requirements.
  • If you have any transfer work from other institutions, you will receive an e-mail notification from Admissions and Records once the transfer credit evaluation is completed.
  • Once you are on-campus, you may want to have your schedule reviewed by your advisor to ensure you are on track.

The Student Housing Office at UHM has information for on-campus housing options.
You may also want to check local newspapers and publications for other off-campus housing options.