Criteria for Readmission After Dismissal

Academic Dismissal Policy

Students who have been suspended and who subsequently fail to maintain the minimum academic requirements of UH Mānoa or their college, school, or program or fail to meet the terms of probation may be dismissed.  Such students will be readmitted only in unusual circumstances and only after they sit-out for a minimum period of a year.  Students admitted on probation may be dismissed if they fail to maintain the minimum academic requirements or meet the terms of probation.  Refer to the UH Mānoa Catalog for more information on the readmission after dismissal policy.

Readmission Criteria

A student who has been dismissed is not guaranteed readmission to UH Mānoa and must petition through the college / school of their intended program for acceptance.  Students who do not qualify for admission directly into their programs will have their petitions reviewed by the Mānoa Advising Center (MAC) Petitions Committee.  If accepted, these students will be classified as exploratory students and work with the advisors at MAC, in conjunction with those in their target academic program, while completing their pre-requisites for admission.

As dismissal is the result of multiple semesters of unsatisfactory academic performance, to be allowed readmission, students who have been dismissed must show they are ready to return and they are able to thrive in coursework at the college-level.  Readmission after dismissal is difficult; academic actions are taken very seriously.  Students must show they are prepared and motivated to return to UH Mānoa and pursue their undergraduate degrees and must demonstrate a proven track-record of academic success since dismissal.

To be considered for readmission, students must:

1) Sit-out from courses at UH Mānoa for a minimum period of one academic year (at least one Fall and Spring semester).

2) Complete a minimum of 24 credits of transferrable college-level coursework after dismissal with a minimum GPA of 2.50.  To be considered for readmission after dismissal, students must demonstrate the ability to successfully complete college-level courses to show they are prepared to return to UH Mānoa.

3) Review the pre-requisites for admission into their intended major.  These can be found in the UH Mānoa Catalog or on the major’s corresponding Program Sheet.  (Students seeking admission into a major with no admission requirements should apply directly into their intended program.)

– Coursework taken during their sit-out period should be relevant to their target major of study.  This demonstrates a student’s commitment to, as well as ability to succeed in his / her selected program.

– Courses should meet the minimum grade requirements for graduating with their intended degree.

4) Have decided upon a major to pursue at UH Mānoa which is feasible and attainable within a timely manner.  Applications for students who are undecided on a major will not be approved.  The student needs to demonstrate a strong and focused intent to finish an undergraduate degree.

When reapplying for readmission after dismissal, students are required to submit:

1) Common application form with fee and any additional materials required to the Admissions Office before the posted deadlines. Click here for application and instructions.

2) A statement explaining:

– Reasons for poor academic performance leading to dismissal,

– Changes made to improve chances of academic success if readmitted,

– Reasons for selection of major and plans, and

– Ways in which this major and degree align with career and life goals

The Mānoa Advising Center reviews applications for readmission on a case-by-case basis and considers the student’s demonstrated ability to succeed in college-level coursework and his or her intended field of study, as well as motivations for seeking readmission to UH Mānoa.  If readmitted, the student will be placed on academic probation and must meet the terms of probation to remain enrolled, until the time at which they are removed from probation.  In addition, the student may be required to meet with an advisor in MAC and / or their intended field of study prior to registration for each semester, to ensure academic progress in meeting the pre-requisites of the target program.  If the student’s academic progress is unsatisfactory, he or she may be subject to further academic action and / or may be required to select an alternate major to pursue.