Info For Students

What type of student are you?

Depending on what type of student you are, you may be looking for some specific information to help you. Check out the links to the right to navigate to the corresponding page.  A description of each student type is listed below.

Pre-Major: this category exists because students cannot declare these majors until they meet the admissions requirements of the specific college or school to which they are applying.

Exploratory: If you have not been fully admitted to a college or a school within UHM and have not decided on your major, you are considered an exploratory student.

Incoming Freshman: If you are still in high school or have completed fewer than 24 transferable college credits, you will apply as a freshman.

Prospective: UHM offers students a valuable educational experience.  Students can choose from over 80 undergraduate majors and learn with a diverse mixture of people from different backgrounds.

Transfer: If you are transferring from another college or campus, you are considered a transfer student.