The UH System Institutional Research, Planning & Analysis Office (IRAPO) updates the master list of curricula in March of each year. This report contains the official list of degree / certificate credentials offered at the University of Hawai‘i. It is updated annually to reflect actions by the UH Board of Regents, the President and the Chancellors in accordance with authorized delegations.

The online catalog is completed for the following academic year by December.  It includes course titles and descriptions, degrees and certificates offered, academic calendar, and a list of undergraduate general education requirements.

Master List of Curricula

Please refer questions regarding these reports to IRAPO.

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UH Manoa Online Catalog

UH Mānoa’s Online Catalog is updated and maintained by the University Catalog Coordinator. It is updated each academic year before December. Changes in programs and degrees approved after December may not be reflected in this listing. Please refer questions regarding this list to the Catalog Coordinator.

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