West Maui

I Mana I Ka Wai: DHHL Water Law & Advocacy Trainings

Ka Huli Ao staff and DHHL beneficiaries participate in a site visit to DHHL’s water resources and systems in West Maui.

On Saturday June 2, 2018, Ka Huli Ao in partnership with the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands presented the second of ten I Mana I Ka Wai Water Law & Advocacy Trainings for Hawaiian homestead communities in Lahaina, Maui. After a presentation by Ka Huli Ao Director Kapua Sproat and Post-JD Fellow Mahina Tuteur on the relevant legal framework and homesteaders’ rights in particular, Ayron Strauch, Ph.D., hydrologist for the Commission on Water Resource Management, gave an update on the ongoing process to establish interim instream flow standards for West Maui streams. Next, Jonathan Scheuer, Ph.D., discussed the evolution and passage of DHHL’s water policy, as well as next steps. Recent law graduate Mahesh Cleveland and current student Luʻukia Nakanelua then examined two case studies relevant to DHHL’s West Maui beneficiaries. DHHL also coordinated a site visit to its West Maui lands and water resources after the training.
Training Materials: