Native Hawaiian Law: A Treatise

On August 2015, Ka Huli Ao released Native Hawaiian Law: A Treatise, the definitive resource for understanding critical issues affecting Native Hawaiians.

This extensively updated and revised edition of the groundbreaking 1991 Native Hawaiian Rights Handbook offers a comprehensive overview as well as analysis of specific topics within this complex area of law. Native Hawaiian Law: A Treatise is a collaborative effort of the Native Hawaiian Legal Corporation, Ka Huli Ao Center for Excellence in Native Hawaiian Law at the William S. Richardson School of Law – University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa, and Kamehameha Publishing.

Native Hawaiian Law: A Treatise is the definitive resource for understanding critical legal issues affecting Native Hawaiians. Some of the specific topics covered include:

  • Native Hawaiians and U.S. Law
  • Native Hawaiians and International Law
  • The Public Land Trust
  • Water Rights
  • Traditional and Customary Access and Gathering Rights
  • Burial Rights
  • The Hawaiian Homes Commission Act
  • The Island of Kahoʻolawe
  • Indigenous Cultural Property
  • Native Hawaiian Health
  • Hawaiian Language and Education
  • And much more

Native Hawaiian Law provides the tools to find relevant cases, statutes,
and regulations impacting the rights of Native Hawaiians. It focuses on
the relationship between Native Hawaiians and the state and federal governments; trust lands; vital areas of resource protection and management; protection of burials, repatriation, language, education, and health; and emerging human rights norms affecting indigenous peoples. This in-depth guide is an essential addition to the growing body of scholarship on indigenous peoples’ law.

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