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Transfer credit review process

Transfer students have their official college transcript(s) sent to the UHM Office of Admissions and inform Admissions that they completed courses at another UH campus. Courses that have already been reviewed are posted on the UH System Course Transfer Database.

Diversification Requirements:

  • If a course is equivalent to a UHM course with a Diversification designation, the student gets credit for that Diversification designation. After receiving the results of the transcript review, students should consult a UHM college advisor to verify their graduation requirements.
Foundations Requirements:
  • Students who transfer from a non-UH System school with one or more western civilization courses may take one FG course to satisfy the FG requirement.  If the transfer course(s) covered a particular time period, the FG course must cover a different time period.
  • Students who have Advanced Placement or transfer credit for ENG 100, ENG 200, or ESL 100 have satisfied the FW requirement. No UHM course is needed.
    • While ENG 200 is not an FW course at UHM, students who transfer in with ENG 200 credit are considered to have fulfilled Mānoa’s FW requirement, because the course focuses on composition at a more advanced level. Students with ENG 200 credit should consult with a School/College advisor to confirm that they have been given FW credit for the course.

NOTE: Students who transfer to UHM with an AA degree from a UH campus have met all of their UHM Foundations and Diversification requirements (i.e., “Core” requirements). They still need to complete General Education Graduation (Focus and Hawaiian/Second Language) requirements, college requirements, and major requirements.

2002 GEC and SEC statements on articulation

Transfer students should consult a UHM college advisor about their graduation requirements (and not solely rely on this website).

You may find more answers in our Student FAQ page.

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