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Teaching in UH Mānoa’s General Education program provides exciting opportunities for pedagogical growth. Through the topics and disciplinary approaches that define your scholarly pursuits, you can teach students how to engage with ethical issues, write better, apply critical and creative thinking to complex issues, and so forth. Integrating disciplinary content and effective pedagogical approaches to various areas of our Gen Ed curriculum can be both challenging and intellectually satisfying.

The General Education Office is here to help answer your questions, and support your professional growth through opportunities to participate in assessment of student achievement of our learning objectives, and the development of useful teaching resources. Additionally, you have opportunities to engage with like-minded teachers from across the University through service on a Gen Ed Board, participation in or attendance at a pedagogical workshop, or the development of a proposal for a learning community. Alongside UH Mānoa’s many programs of study, our Gen Ed program is the heart of the university’s undergraduate academic experience. Read more about the mission, vision, and values of UH Mānoa’s Gen Ed program on the home page.

How can we help you make Gen Ed yours?

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Foundation courses are intended to give students skills and perspectives that are fundamental to undertaking higher education.

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Diversification courses are intended to assure broad exposure to different domains of academic knowledge, while allowing flexibility for students with different goals and interests.

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Focus courses identify important skills and discourses necessary for living and working in diverse communities. A course may have more than one Focus designation.

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Hawaiian/Second Language

In addition to improving written and oral communication and reasoning skills, proficiency in Hawaiian or a second language (H/SL) is an integral part of the university’s mission

Have any questions about the teaching areas listed here? You can review our list of current board members and GEO liaisons.

Propose your course

Detailed instructions on how to submit a proposal

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Ensuring students meet Hallmarks

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Teaching Resources

Pedagogical resources for instruction

Frequently Asked Questions

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