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Focus Proposals

Beginning with the Spring 2021 effective term, there is just one form to complete for proposals to add or renew any Focus designations. Please make sure to check off the correct box(es) on page 1, indicating whether you are applying for an Instructor-Based or Course-Based Focus designation(s). The definitions for each type are below:

“INSTRUCTOR-Based” Focus proposals should be submitted by an individual instructor when that instructor wants a new Focus designation or needs to renew an expired designation.

COURSE-Based” Focus proposals should be submitted by the Department Chair or Focus Course Coordinator when a department has a course that inherently meets the Focus Hallmarks. Upon approval, all sections of the course will be designated with the requested Focus.

Proposals to add or renew a COURSE-based Focus designation for a course include identifying a course- coordinator. See the Focus Course Coordinators page for more information about what this role entails.

Note that course-based proposals are now being accepted for all courses; it is no longer the case that a course needs to have been previously taught by two or more instructors with a given designation. Course-based Focus designations may be given to new courses, or to courses usually taught by a single instructor.

The hallmarks, explanatory notes, and student learning outcomes for each of the four Focus areas can be found on our Teaching Focus Courses page. For the hybrid/online checkbox, please check the appropriate box if you are currently planning to teach the course in this modality beginning Fall 2021, regardless of the possibility that the course may revert to all in-person instruction at some point in the approval period. Please refer to this link for more information about online and hybrid course modalities.

We also encourage you to take a look at exemplary proposals identified by the Boards and to explore the Teaching Resources available on our website for pedagogical resources relevant to many areas of the undergraduate curriculum, as well as distance education/online, hybrid, and classroom instructional modes. More information is available in our Faculty FAQs on specific proposal form-related questions. 

Spring 2022 Focus Form: Due Friday, September 10, 2021

  • Spring 2022 Focus Proposal Form (form-fillable PDF version): download to your computer first
    • Mac users: Please use Adobe Acrobat (not Preview) for completing the form-fillable PDF form. Our office has received some forms with fields that appear blank, and we believe this may be due to an incompatibility issue between software. If you are having any difficulty with the PDF version, please use the MS Word Doc version instead.
    • Click here for a quick tutorial video on how to sign documents with Adobe Acrobat reader (note this works only with the PDF version of the form).
  • Spring 2022 Focus Proposal Form (MS Word Doc version): download to your computer first

Please download (do not fill it out in your browser) the PDF Form-fillable or MS Word Doc version of the proposal form above, and complete all sections relevant to the Focus designations you are seeking. Attach one or more syllabi as appropriate, and save as one file (preferably a PDF). Completed forms may be submitted via email to

Diversification Proposals

To request a Diversification designation, departments should complete a UHM-1 form (for new courses) or a UHM-2 form (to modify an existing course).

For new courses, check the box in #7a to “Request Gen Ed designation indicated below” and indicate the requested Diversification designation (i.e., DA, DH, DL, DS, DB, DP, DY) in #7b. A course that has an embedded laboratory component may have DB+DY or DP+DY.

For existing courses, fill in the “Existing Gen Ed Diversification, Foundations, or HSL Designation” in #7a and indicate the requested designation in #7b.

Submit the UHM form as required by your School/College. For a Summer/Fall 2022 effective term, the form should be routed to the OVPAE by Friday, October 15, 2021. 

Foundations Proposals

Summer/Fall 2022 Foundations Forms: Due Monday, September 27, 2021

Global & Multicultural Perspectives PDF WORD
Quantitative Reasoning PDF WORD
Written Communication PDF WORD

When a Foundations designation is being requested for the first time, a UHM form is also required. Submit the form as required by your School/College. For a Summer/Fall 2022 effective term, the form should be routed to the OVPAE by Friday, October 15, 2021. 

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