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There are two components to the General Education requirements:

Core Requirements





  • Arts, Humanities, and Literatures (6 credits from 2 categories)
    – Arts (DA*)
    – Humanities (DH*)
    – Literatures (DL*)
  • Social Sciences (DS*; a total of 6 credits from 2 different departments)
  • Natural Sciences
    –Biological Science (DB*; 3 credits)
    –Physical Science (DP*; 3 credits)
    –Laboratory (science) (DY*; 1 credit )

Special Graduation Requirements




Hawaiian or Second Language

H/SL*; competence at the 202 level



* These abbreviations appear after course descriptions to identify courses that meet specific requirements. See the “Courses” section in the Catalog to view course descriptions.

** The STAR Degree Check indicates Focus classes by  “E,” “H,” “O,” and “W.”  Class Availability  indicates Focus sections with “ETH,” “HAP,” “OC,” and “WI.”

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