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The Focus Status List is a comprehensive list of Focus approvals, past and present. It includes:
  • Instructor-based Focus approvals, which apply to only that instructor’s sections of the course, and are added only when the department and instructor want the section to be designated
  • Course-based Focus approvals, which apply and are added to all sections of the course for the duration of the approval period
A few things to note:
  • This list is to inform instructors and departments about their Focus approvals and when they need to be renewed. It should not be used to determine whether or not a section had a Focus in a given semester.
  • Courses with student- and/or semester-specific content (e.g., Directed Reading/Research courses, special topics courses) are normally approved for only one semester and do not appear on the Focus Status List.
  • Approvals normally end after Summer Session, which is sometimes abbreviated on the list as “SS”  (e.g., “O ends SS25, W ends SS27”).


Please click here for the Focus Status List 

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