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In academic year 2017-2018, UH Mānoa’s General Education program underwent its first comprehensive program review. A Steering Committee was formed to conduct a thorough self-study (or internal review), and issued a report and recommendations in May 2018. That report can be downloaded here:

Internal Review/Self-Study Report


The Office of the Vice Provost of Academic Excellence (formerly the Office of the Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs) also commissioned an External Review of the program in the spring of 2018, conducted by a team of professionals from three mainland universities as well as the Association of American Colleges and Universities. The final report and recommendations submitted by the external review team, the General Education Committee’s response to the internal and external reviews, and the VCAA’s response to the GEC’s memo, are posted on the VPAE’s website. They are also posted below:

External Reviewers’ Report

General Education Response to Report

VCAA Response to General Education


The General Education Committee has continued its work, and submitted a one-year progress report on May 3, 2019. That document, as well as the Provost’s memo of response to the GEC’s one-year progress report, are posted on the VCAA’s website. They are also posted below:

General Education One-Year Progress Report

Provost Response to General Education 1-year progress report


The GEC submitted a three-year progress report on its consideration and implementation of the program review recommendations on July 21, 2021. That report, and the Provost’s memo of response, can be found here:

General Education Three-Year Progress Report

Provost Response to General Education Three-Year Progress Report


The next five-year program review will commence in AY 2023-2024.

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