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Interstate Passport Sunsetting
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Developed through the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education (WICHE), the Interstate Passport® was a national program facilitating block transfer of completed lower-division general education based on student learning outcomes, rather than on specific courses and credits. UH Mānoa was a member institution from 2019-2023. Students who completed their lower-division General Education requirements, either on our campus or at another member institution, were able transfer all of those credits as a block to any other member institution. 

The Interstate Passport program is sunsetting at the end of December 2023. UH Mānoa issued its last batch of Interstate Passports to students in summer 2023. We will continue to honor students’ Interstate Passports from non-UH institutions , in line with the Transfer Credit Policy, who are admitted to UH Mānoa and enrolled prior to Fall 2025. UH Mānoa students who have been notified that they earned a Passport will have the designation remain on their academic transcripts. They also may still be able to seamlessly transfer all lower-division General Education credits to other (non-UH) institutions that were also part of the network. Each former member of the Interstate Passport program is determining for itself how long to accept Passports.

Please note that UH Executive Policy 5.209 (University of Hawai‘i System Student Transfer and Inter-Campus Articulation) has always served as the primary vehicle for facilitating student transfer within the UH System. That policy specifies that the “Completion of general education core requirements (Foundations/Basic and Diversification/Area Requirements) at one University of Hawai‘i campus before transferring satisfies the general education core requirements at any University of Hawai‘i campus.”

If students have any questions about the Interstate Passport, please ask an academic advisor.

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