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The General Education Committee (GEC), a Permanent Committee of the UHM Faculty Senate, and the six General Education Boards, play vital roles in overseeing and implementing the Gen Ed curriculum across our institution. Current members are listed below.

2022-23 Membership


General Education Committee (GEC)
Matt Eng Mānoa Advising Center
Kahea Faria Master of Education in Teaching
Daniel Harris-McCoy (Secretary) Religious Traditions & Ancient Civilzations
Keahiahi Long Hawaiian Studies
Nadine Ortega (Vice-chair) Indo-Pacific Languages & Literatures
Scott Rowland (Chair) Earth Sciences
Mandy Westfall-Senda Student Life & Development
June Zhang Electrical Engineering
Jenny Brown Associated Students of the University of Hawaii at Mānoa
Christine Beaule General Education Office (Director)
Shana Brown Senate Executive Committee (Liaison)
Paul McKimmy Office of the Vice Provost for Academic Excellence
Ryan Yamaguchi Office of Admissions
Lisa Fujikawa General Education Office (Liaison)
Vicky Keough General Education Office
Rosalie Paradise General Education Office

Foundations (F) Board Department
Kari Ambrozich Student-Athlete Academic Services
Baoyan Cheng Educational Foundations
Elizabeth Gross Mathematics
Seth Quintus Anthropology
Malte Stuecker (Co-chair) International Pacific Research Center
Dawn Sueoka (Co-chair) Library Services
Yanyan Wu Office of Public Health Studies
Keahiahi Long GEC Liaison
Rosalie Paradise GEO Liaison


Diversification (Div) Board  Department
Derek Furukawa (Chair) Advising Center for the College of Arts, Languages & Letters
Camaron Miyamoto Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender & Queer+ Center
Jesse Owens John A. Burns School of Medicine
Jonathan Young Library Services
Daniel Harris-McCoy GEC Liaison
Rosalie Paradise GEO Liaison


Contemporary Ethical Issues (E) Board  Department
Rayna Fujii (Co-chair) Institute for Teacher Education
Atsushi Hasegawa East Asian Languages and Literatures
Eve Millett Mānoa Advising Center
Seungoh Paek (Co-chair) Learning Design & Technology
Garrett Clanin Student- Athlete Academic Services
Matt Eng GEC Liaison
Vicky Keough GEO Liaison


Hawaiian, Asian, and Pacific Issues (HAP) Board  Department
U’ilani Chow-Rule Nursing
Joseph Foukona History
Konia Freitas (Co-chair) Kamakakūokalani Center for Hawaiian Studies
Donna-Marie Palakiko (Co-chair) Nursing
Pia Arboleda Indo-Pacific Languages & Literatures
Kahea Faria GEC Liaison
Christine Beaule GEO Liaison


Oral Communication (O) Board Department
Mark Branner Theater
Dustin Crowther (Chair) Second Language Studies
Rayna Tagalicod Student Equity, Excellence & Diversity
Emiko Taniguchi-Dorios (Vice-chair) Communicology
Shelece Easterday Linguistics
Mandy Westfall-Senda GEC Liaison
Rosalie Paradise
GEO Liaison



Writing (W) Intensive Board  Department
Sarah Allen (Chair, F22)
English/Composition & Rhetoric Director
Christopher Au Elementary Education
Christine Beaule General Education Office Director
Priscilla Faucette Second Language Studies
Clare Fujioka-Sok (Vice-chair) Office of Student Academic Services (Shidler)
Gary Glauberman Nursing
Peter Hoffenberg History
Ji Young Kim (Chair, S23)
TBD GEC Liaison
Lisa Fujikawa GEO Liaison
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