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The General Education Program has built assessment into the course designation process. All courses designated as meeting a General Education requirement undergo review every 3-5 years.

Since the outset of the revised Gen Ed Program (Fall 2001), the Gen Ed Committees and Boards have reviewed syllabi and worked with faculty members and departments to ensure that courses meet and would continue to meet the Gen Ed component’s Hallmarks, and more recently, its Student Learning Outcomes.

The process of moving UHM faculty who teach Gen Ed courses to a learner-centered mindset will take time. Efforts underway include:

  • student surveys
  • creation of student learning outcomes
  • system-wide coordination of student learning outcomes
  • review of course syllabi and assignments
  • interviews with faculty members
  • faculty development workshops

Please visit Mānoa’s Assessment and Curriculum Support Center for information about outcomes assessment.

General Education Assessment Plan

The Assessment Plan presents the seven-year assessment cycle of the UHM General Education Program. The General Education Committee approved the plan on May 10, 2019. The assessment activities are essential for enabling the General Education Program to continuously improve while adapting to changing learning needs and educational approaches. Included in the plan are the goals of the plan; procedures for obtaining, evaluating, and interpreting student learning evidence; a transparency statement concerning the principles and procedures of assessment; and ethical practices for assessment.

On October 29, 2020, the General Education Committee approved for the assessment of Diversification to occur earlier in the schedule. The Diversification assessment project start date was changed from Spring 2024 to Fall 2020. The change was made to provide assessment data on Diversification for accreditation purposes.

General Education Assessment Cycle

Responsibilities of Faculty and the GEO in the Assessment Process

(Adapted from Suskie, 2009)

assessment responsibilities graphic organizer
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