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What are Course Coordinators?

Course coordinators are faculty members who, together with the department Chairs, are individuals named in the course-based Focus proposals submitted by a department. Focus course coordinators, together with Chairs, have particular oversight responsibilities:

1. Each semester when one or more sections of a course with a course-based Focus designation are to be taught, the course coordinator will inform all instructors assigned to teach those sections about the Focus designations their sections carry.

2. Course coordinators and chairs are responsible for collecting and reviewing all course syllabi each semester to ensure that all sections are taught in accordance with the Focus Hallmarks and student learning objectives.

Note: to facilitate this review of syllabi, we strongly recommend that course coordinators and department Chairs download and keep a copy of any course-based Focus proposals (which included samples of syllabi or a master course syllabus) when asked to sign the proposal form.

3. If a new course coordinator or department Chair is appointed, the General Education Office should be notified of the change as soon as possible via email (

4. Course coordinators and department Chairs should also frequently check the Focus status list to ensure that Focus designations are current and that proposals to renew those designations are submitted on time. The General Education Office sends reminder emails of upcoming deadlines with links to this Focus status list. Ensuring that current course coordinators and department Chairs are known to the GEO facilitates this direct communication regarding proposal forms and deadlines. 

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