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The campus map features a "hamburger" menu, left menu, header area, search widget, and a table of contents area to explore UH Manoa

Why can’t I see the building names?
Zoom in slowly until the names appear.
How can I find where I am?
Click or tap the target symbol in the upper left corner. You may need to enable “location services” on your mobile device or desktop. This feature only works if you are on campus. If you are on the beach, as nice as it is, you are not on campus.
How can I find a specific building?
Enter the name of the building or building abbreviation (ex. Kuykendall or KUY) in the search bar at the top of the map.
How can I get more information about a building?
Click or tap the building. A pop up window will appear with more information.
Can I use the search function for something other than buildings?
At this time, the search function only searches buildings, and a few general keywords (ex. Food, coffee, etc). For other amenities and services, click or tap MENU and select Explore UH Mānoa.
How can I find a bus stop, restroom, emergency call box, ATM, service, etc.?
Click or tap on the MENU and select Explore UH Mānoa for a list of categories. Once Explore UH Mānoa is open it should be visible to the side or bottom of your screen. Select a category (ex. “Transportation”) and the corresponding icons should appear on the map. Click or tap the icon to get more information about that location.
Why can’t I see the icons for the category I selected?
If you have chosen a category within a category (ex. The ATM category in the Campus Amenities category) both must be selected for the icons to appear.

Select layers on the campus map by checking both the group layer and group sub layer

I want to start over, how do I do that?
Reload the map to start over.
I want a plain, non-interactive map.
Please click or tap Other Resources in the menu or at the top of the page.
How can I report incorrect or outdated information?
If you find outdated information, please report it in our campus map Feedback Form.
How can I add information to a building?
We are always open to adding pertinent information in our pop-ups. Please include your suggestion in our campus map Feedback Form.
I have a question that wasn’t addressed by this FAQ, whom do I contact?
Please use our campus map Feedback Form.
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