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The campus map features a "hamburger" menu, left menu, header area, search widget, and a table of contents area to explore UH Manoa

Explore UH Mānoa

How can I access additional layers?
Additional layers may be toggled on in the Explore UH Mānoa Table of Contents. To access the Table of Contents, click the tab on the top right corner of the map. The right panel will expand and show all available layers. This option is also available in the Menu > Explore UH Mānoa.
Why isn’t the symbol shown on the map after I toggle a layer on?
A group layer may contain one or more sub layers. To view the layer’s icon on the map, ensure both the group layer and sub layer is toggled on.

Select layers on the campus map by checking both the group layer and group sub layer

Is it possible to default to a large overview of the campus every time the map layers are enabled?
It is not possible to return to the default map view after a layer is toggled on. To return to the default view, please click the default map view widget found in the left menu.


Can additional links be included in the menu?
You may request for additional links in the campus map Feedback Form.

Search Widget

I entered a word or term in the search, but it doesn’t appear in the pull down navigation tabs. Are only buildings and points of interest searchable?
At this time, the Search widget only searches buildings and points of interest. For other data, please turn on the corresponding layer in the Table of Contents – Explore UH Mānoa.
Can I request associated terms be included in the search?
You may request for additional terms in the campus map Feedback Form.

Left Menu

The “find my location” widget is missing on my left menu. How do I enable it?
The location services may be turned off on your browser or device. To use the find my location widget, please enable location services.

Layer Pop-Up

What happens when I click on a building?
The building pop-up will open. This pop-up includes information about the building, a directory of departments in the building, and additional photos.
What happens when I click on a symbol on the map?
Some layers have pop-ups configured to house additional pertinent information about the layer. For example, if you click on a point of interest, the pop-up may contain information such as operating hours, contact information, a link to their official website, etc.
How can I report outdated information in the pop-up?
If you find outdated information, please report it in our campus map Feedback Form.
Can I request additional information be included in the pop-up?
We are always open to adding pertinent information in our pop-ups. Please include your suggestion in our campus map Feedback Form.
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