Law schools often require letters of recommendation (LORs) as a part of the application process.

  • Many law schools require between 2-3 LORs.
    • Check each law school’s requirements.
  • Strong LORs usually come from academic professors or direct supervisors, who are able to explain your academic achievements, skills, and professional accomplishments.

An impactful LOR will address these areas:

  • A brief introduction outlining how the writer knows the candidate/student.
    • This helps provide context for the reviewer.
  • Specific information regarding the skills pertinent to being successful in law school.
    • Ex. research skills, reading comprehension skills, analytical reasoning, etc.
  • Highlight attributes that you believe will help the student be a successful law student.
    • Ex. leadership skills, ability to work in groups and work independently, etc.
  • Identify the course(s) the student took, how the student performed and any progress you believe the student made in the time you worked together
Getting Started
Before Reaching Out to Potential Writers
Asking for Letters
Suggested Topics for LORs
After Letters are Submitted