What Major is Needed To Apply?

Law schools require students to complete a Bachelor's degree, which entails choosing a major.

Students DO NOT need to major in Political Science, Philosophy, or “Pre-Law” to be able to apply to law school.

  • All undergraduate majors are acceptable, including the performing arts, languages, and natural sciences.
  • “Pre-Law” majors do not necessarily prepare or provide applicants with an advantage for getting into law school.
    • The advantage is to choose a major that interests the student.

Law schools often look for students with an education focused on:

  • Building essential academic skills:
    • Critical thinking
    • Oral and written communication
    • Analytical reading comprehension
    • Research
  • Developing a broad, integrated perspective on the world and society
  • Developing a deepened understanding of the human experience

Also consider that vocational, technical, and professional majors, such as commercial aviation, engineering, and nursing, may prove to be useful for students planning to practice law in a related field.

What Should I Consider?
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