Advising Outreach

The Advising Outreach Committee for CAA focuses on how the academic advising community outreaches to prospective students and the community. Past events include advising's presence at orientation sessions for new students and parents, as well as the annual Advising Day to orient the newly admitted students to the registration process. The committee promotes the value of advising and encourages prospective students to make that connection early.

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Advising Technology Governance

The University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa Advising Technology Governance Committee (ATGC) provides recommendations to the Council of Academic Advisors (CAA) on academic advising technology. This is to help the university attain and maintain successful use of high-quality, effective, and efficient advising technology campus-wide. See ATGC Charter for more information.

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Bachelor Degree Program Sheets

The Bachelor Degree Program Sheets Committee is a working committee that meets once in late February/early March to review/proofread the revisions for program sheets/4 year plans/BAMs. We welcome any advisor from every college.

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The Policy Committee reviews current policies and procedures and works on new ones as needed.

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Professional Development

The CAA Professional Development Committee helps create opportunities for colleagues to engage with their profession and facilitate their success.

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Summer Conference

The CAA Summer Conference Committee is seeking members who are eager to contribute ideas and plan a (likely) return to an in-person summer conference!

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The Website Committee is responsible for maintaining the CAA and Advising Guide websites based on input from the CAA Board and the UHM advising community.

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