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Academic Grievance Procedures

Students and faculty are encouraged to resolve their academic differences and disputes through consultation, mediation, and open communication. When these attempts are unsuccessful, policies and procedures are in place to address the academic concerns and set forth the process toward a resolution of the academic grievance.

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Student Conduct Code

Students are expected to be responsible in relations with other members of the UH Mānoa community, respect the interests of the institution, and follow the student code of conduct while at the University. Violations of this code include matters of alleged academic dishonesty, such as cheating and plagiarism.

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  • Go directly to the Student Conduct Code.
  • To obtain a hard copy, request an alternate format, or for advice or assistance on matters related to this Code - contact the Office of Student Conduct in Queen Liliʻuokalani Center for Student Services, Room 207. Please direct questions to the Office of Student Conduct or arrange an appointment by contacting (808) 956-4416.

Mānoa Alcohol Use Policy

Read about UH Mānoa’s policy on alcohol service and consumption on campus. Permission forms for students or faculty and staff to request to serve alcoholic beverages at an event are also available on the Mānoa Alcohol Use Policy page.

UH Mānoa Instructions for Fee Proposals

"Fees" refer to all mandatory and required charges other than the cost of tuition. Hawaiʻi Administrative Rules ยง20-15-1 and Board of Regents Policy Chapter 6.203 authorize the University of Hawaiʻi to establish user fees for services provided by various programs at the University of Hawaiʻi. The establishment of new fees requires Board of Regents (BOR) approval. Any increases or decreases to fees require BOR approval unless authority is delegated to the President or authorized designees.

University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa: Instructions for Fee Proposals (PDF)*

University Policies and Procedures

The University of Hawaiʻi EEO/AA Office  develops and maintains Executive, Systemwide and Mānoa policies and procedures. Such policies include:

  • anti-discrimination
  • sexual harassment
  • sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, and stalking
  • consensual relationships
  • disability access
  • recruitment and hiring

Student Housing Services: Community Standards

Community standards for students who reside on-campus can be found in the Student Housing Services: Community Standards .

Graduate Student Grievances

Graduate Student Grievances  can be found by visiting the Mānoa Graduate Division .

Office of Student Conduct

The Mānoa Office of Student Conduct is responsible for ensuring students abide by the Student Conduct Code and also advises students on Academic Grievance Procedures.