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Room Reservations

QLCSS Conference Rooms

QLCSS Conference Room Policy

The Queen Lili‘uokalani Center for Student Services (QLCSS) has 3 conference rooms and a lounge available for use by Division of Student Success departments and QLCSS building occupants for UH-related purposes only. Reservations for other UHM and System departments are not being accepted and should contact UHM Facilities.

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Contact Information:

Room Scheduler
QLCSS, Rm 407
Phone: (808) 956-9759

Description of Conference Rooms

Room NumberRoom CapacityFood/Drink AllowedRoom Equipped With:
012 16 people No S,N,W
208 27 people No S,P,N,W
411 20 people No S,P,N,W
412 40 people Yes N,W

Projector Screen (S), Mounted Projector (P), Active Network Jack (N), Wireless Access (W)

QLCSS does not provide video projectors, portable projector screens, computer components, network cables, conference phones, extension cords, dry/wet erase markers, microphones, speakers, etc.

Reservation Priority

DepartmentsReservations allowed up to:
1. Division of Student Success units One (1) year in advance
2. Non-Division of Student Success units within the building One (1) year in advance
3. Other UHM or System departments Not Accepting Reservations

Reservations for other UHM and System departments are not being accepted and should contact UHM Facilities .

Non-university departments are not eligible to use the rooms and reservations will not be taken.

Registered Independent Organizations (RIOs) are not eligible to reserve rooms and should contact Campus Center Meeting & Event Services. 

Academic classes are not eligible to reserve rooms and must contact the UH Mānoa scheduler  for assistance.

Any reservation made on behalf of non-QLCSS building occupants, non-university departments, RIOs or academic classes by UH Faculty or Staff will not be accepted and will be subject to cancellation.


There is no fee for university departments to use the rooms (subject to change without notice).


Conference rooms are available during hours: 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. All conference rooms are closed on the weekends and holidays.

Requesting Use of a Conference Room

  1. Check room availability online: .

    calendar screenshot
  2. Complete/fill out the Room Reservation Request Form . Reservation(s) must be made by UH Faculty or Staff.
  3. Confirmation e-mail will be sent to the requesting e-mail address usually within 2 business days.
  4. After receipt of an approved confirmation e-mail, double check the online schedule to ensure your reservation has been inputted properly.

Reservations are scheduled in the order received and in accordance with the reservation priority.

A minimum of two (2) business days is required to process reservations. If you are requesting a room within 2 business days, please call 956-9759.

Rules and Policies

  • Wearing of a facial covering is highly recommended while in the conference rooms and lounge.
  • Meeting coordinator is responsible for making all arrangements for the meeting or event.
  • Meeting coordinator is responsible for providing sanitizing supplies for pre and post sanitization of tables, chairs and other equipment used in the conference rooms. Do not use bleach products to sanitize.
  • Seating/table arrangements may be changed, but the room must be restored to the original configuration at the end of the reserved time. Allow enough time for any setup and cleanup when making reservations.
  • Food and beverages, except bottled water, are not permitted in all rooms, except QLCSS 412 (lounge).
  • Do not tape, tack or fasten anything to the walls, ceilings or floor of any of the conference rooms.
  • Do not hang banners or tape flyers to the rails.
  • The meeting coordinator must furnish all other equipment than those listed above.
  • The meeting coordinator is responsible for security, safety and maintenance of the room and all contents.
  • Meeting coordinator understands that their department will be responsible for any damages to the facilities.

Additional QLCSS 412 Rules and Policies

  • Refreshments are allowed in the room.
  • All trash must be bagged and discarded in the dumpsters outside the back of the building immediately upon completion of the event. Trash bags are NOT provided.
  • Please ensure that liquids do not leak from the trash bags.
  • The floor must be clean and free of any trash or spills. Brooms and dustpan are located in the closet.
  • People are allowed to walk outside on the lanai, however NO furniture shall be taken out due to the potential damage of the waterproof membrane on the lanai floor.
  • Alcoholic beverages are prohibited unless granted official approval prior to the event. See the Mānoa Alcohol Use Policy for more information ( ).

Cancellation Policy

QLCSS rooms are utilized heavily and we request that confirmed reservations be canceled 24 hours in advance by sending an e-mail to

Repeated or unexplained "no-shows" may result in loss of conference room privileges.


Departments that do not comply with the QLCSS conference room policies will lose future conference room privileges. Confirmed reservations are subject to cancellation without notice if found to be in violation of room policies.

QLCSS conference room policies are subject to change without notice.