Submitting works to the repository

Contributing Faculty or Researcher Works

1. Decide which repository is appropriate for your work.

Option 1: ScholarSpace This work was created by faculty or staff at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. (ex. journal article pre-prints, theses, dissertations, newsletter, research data)

Option 2: eVols This work was digitized by UH faculty or staff and/or UH has guardianship over these materials (ex. digitized newspapers, maps, government documents)

Option 3: UH System Repository This work was created by UH faculty or staff at one of the supporting campuses, or these are OER materials.

2. Decide where your work will go.

Option 1:

Submit to an existing Community.

Option 2:

Form a Community or Sub-community. The UHM Library will lead you through the process.

Option 3:

Create a Collection.

3. Submit your materials.

Option 1: Self submission

  1. Register with ScholarSpace or Register with eVols and wait for confirmation.
  2. Log in to ScholarSpace or Log in to eVols and upload your material.
  3. Wait for an email notification with the item URL.

Self-submission automatically attaches a license file. Depending on arrangements made with the sponsoring community, Library staff may review the submissions and verify with faculty or the sponsoring academic department before the item is made publicly available.

Option 2: Library submission

  1. Send an email of interest to repository Administrators at
  2. Consult with Library staff.
  3. Provide Library staff necessary information and access to the materials.
  4. Wait for notification from Library staff with the item URL.

Library staff will add the files and appropriate metadata, and make the item publicly available.

Contributing Student Works

Contributing to ScholarSpace or eVols can be a valuable step in your scholarship. To learn more, read Reasons to Submit your Work.

Student submission of class projects to ScholarSpace/eVols must be sanctioned by an academic department or program of the University of Hawaii. Some schools or programs expect students to submit their work directly to ScholarSpace/eVols; others expect students to work with the ScholarSpace/eVols Administrators.

If you would like to submit material to an existing student collection, please contact the appropriate faculty member, or the administrative office of the school or program for information about requirements, style guidelines and the approval process.

Creation of new student collections requires departmental approval and either a faculty liaison or departmental administrative support person. If you would like to add a new student collection to the repository, you will need to speak with faculty in the appropriate department or program about their interest in starting such a collection. Interested faculty should then contact

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