Services Offered

The University of Hawaii at Manoa (UHM) Library administers the Institutional Repositories. The Library provides a range of services.

Basic Service includes:

Core Services – providing a fully functional system where Community members can submit, preserve, and access items in the repository.

Management Services – providing ongoing support for Communities, responding to customer inquiries, and supplying system monitoring, back-up, and recovery.

Core Services

Submission Services

The repository offers faculty and researchers a flexible, easy-to-use submission process. Authorized users simply complete a brief submission form and grant permission for the system to distribute and preserve the work.

Authorized users can:

  • Post a submission to a specified Collection
  • Enter metadata for a submission, using standard forms with Community-specific default values
  • Include additional metadata for a submission
  • Bundle multiple files of various formats in a single submission
  • Allow the system to identify formats of submitted files, with user override
  • Associate a Creative Commons license with the submitted files
  • Grant a non-exclusive license to UHM to distribute a submission in accordance with the specified distribution policy and translate it for the purposes of preservation
  • Receive updates on the progress of an item through the submission workflow process
  • View past and pending submissions in a personalized profile page

Content Workflows

Communities can use a customized workflow process to control how new submissions are reviewed and approved for a Community’s Collections. When we initially set up a Community, we will establish these submission workflows, as well as the reviewer, metadata editor, and coordinator roles for each Community.

Reviewers, metadata editors, and coordinators can:

  • Augment and approve submissions in the workflow process
  • Review the content of the submission for appropriateness to the Collection route a submission back to the submitter or give approval
  • Check the submission’s metadata for completeness and obvious errors, edit errors, and route a submission back to the submitter or give approval
  • Augment the submission’s metadata
  • View, select, and perform workflow tasks from the “Pending Workflow Tasks” section of a personalized profile page

Core Repository Services

We provides storage and preservation management services to ensure the longevity of deposited materials. Users should be assured that content submitted in supported formats will be accessible even when the original application in which it was created is obsolete and the means to access it are inoperable.

Note that UHM faculty, researchers, departments, labs, and centers do not have to download or run anything on their servers. The UHM Library runs and maintains the repository servers for all UHM Communities. Users use a web-based interface to save, search, and store their data.

For each submission to a Collection, we:

  • Provide persistent storage, including appropriate back-up and recovery procedures
  • Assign a unique persistent identifier that will not change and is appropriate to cite in other works
  • Support a range of service levels for preservation and notifies users of any preservation constraints
  • Store provenance information
  • Maintain an auditable history and record of changes to the archive

Core Repository Quotas

The UHM Library determines a Community’s initial storage quotas based on the size of the Community. Thereafter, the quotas will be reviewed on an annual basis, at which time UHM Library reserves the right to alter the quotas as dictated by demand and resource availability. Communities with greater storage needs will need to contact us at

Here is the current storage allocation for Communities:

Community Size Small Medium Large
Number of Submitters <50 51 – 149 >150
Number of Documents per Year 300 600 1000
Average File Size 1 MB 1 MB 1 MB
Annual Storage Limit 300 MB 600 MB 1000 MB
Total Storage After 5 years 1.5 GB 3.0 GB 5.0 GB

Repository Management Services

Community Management Services

The UHM Library provides services to help faculty and researchers manage their Communities. These services include consulting and applied services tailored to each Community. Library staff will provide guidance in developing a Community or Collection’s workflow process, metadata requirements, and distribution policies, as well as launching a custom Community homepage. A standard set of online reports will also be made available to each Community to help manage its Collections.

The UHM Library will manage all aspects of the Community set-up process, including:

  • Planning and scheduling new Community and Collection set-ups
  • Leading the initial Community meeting to discuss and explain set-up requirements
  • Implementing a custom workflow for the submission process including metadata defaults
  • Customizing Community and Collection home pages
  • Training Community users and coordinators
  • Assisting with ongoing Collection set-ups
  • Coordinating bulk loads of historic content and metadata

End-User Support Services

See the FAQ page for answers to routine support questions.

If you’re a UHM researcher who wants support information, please contact us at

System Management Services

The UHM Library provides back-office support for our repositories, working to ensure optimal system performance and high availability. Library staff offer a comprehensive set of technical services for system operations, including:

  • Performing system monitoring, testing, and debugging
  • Performing system administration
  • Monitoring and upgrading utility programs and middleware
  • Developing approved system enhancements
  • Performing bulk loading of historic content and metadata
  • Maintaining a registry of known content and metadata formats for preservation purposes

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