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AY 2020-2021 Office Modifications

The General Education Office staff have been working remotely during the pandemic. When health and safety conditions on O’ahu and on campus allow, we will reopen the office with the following health and safety protocols in place. Modifications to normal office operations include the following:

  • Conference room use: Until further notice, all Gen Ed Board meetings will be held via zoom, and other committees who regularly use our conference room will need to find an alternative meeting location or platform.
  • Mandatory mask and social distancing: All visitors to the GEO are asked to follow UH Mānoa campus guidelines and, unless prohibited by a medical or other condition, wear a face covering over their mouths and noses. While in our offices, please observe social distancing of 6 feet.
  • Physical safety modifications: Plastic “sneeze guard” barriers are erected on the two reception stations in the main office area. Please refrain from touching or moving these barriers. Hand sanitizer is provided for visitors’ use, both at the Bilger building entrance, as well as on the GEO Secretary’s reception counter. Please feel free to use this hand sanitizer.
  • Staggered in-office work schedules: The GEO staff members will be in the office on staggered days to reduce density. If you want to visit or speak with a particular staff member, we recommend calling or emailing ahead of time to ensure that person will be present to see you. Otherwise, zoom meetings with the staff are available by appointment. Use the Contact Us form, or scroll down the page for staff membersʻ email addresses and direct phone numbers.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation, and for helping us to keep our extended Gen Ed ʻohana safe! For more information about how the UH Mānoa campus community is responding to the pandemic, please visit UH Mānoa COVID-19 updates.


Spring 2020 Emergency Grading Policy: Implications for Gen Ed Courses

Note: This policy applies only to courses taken during the spring 2020 semester.

Changing from a letter grade to CR/NC for Gen Ed courses. UH students are being given the option to change their letter grades to Credit/No Credit (CR/NC) for their Spring 2020 courses.

Grades of A+ through C —> CR
Grades of C- through F —> NC

Students who earn a C-, D+, or D in a Gen Ed (Foundations, Diversification, Focus, or H/SL) course will need to carefully consider whether or not to change this letter grade to CR/NC. While letter grades of C-, D+, and D would be sufficient to fulfill a Gen Ed requirement at UH Mānoa, they translate to a grade of “NC” on the CR/NC scale. A grade of “NC” results in no credit of any kind (major, Gen Ed, etc.) for the course. Students who earn a letter grade of C or better and opt to change to CR/NC will receive a grade of “CR” and will be considered to have fulfilled that Gen Ed requirement.

Put another way, any student who receives a “CR” grade in a Gen Ed course (Foundations, Diversification, Focus, or H/SL) will be considered to have fulfilled that Gen Ed requirement. Any student who receives a grade of “NC” will NOT receive Gen Ed credit, even if the original letter grade was a C-, D+ or D, all of which are sufficient to fulfill a Gen Ed requirement.

FAQs about switching from letter grades to Credit/No Credit (CR/NC) in Spring 2020



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