Ruth Ke‘elikōlani

Ruth Ke‘elikōlani, 2004

Ruth Ke‘elikōlani was a formidable presence in nineteenth-century Hawai‘i who refused to speak English, practice Christianity, or leave the Hawaiian Islands. Though her life was darkened by the deaths of her children and her beloved first husband, she was a popular and strong force who resisted the kingdom’s drift toward annexation. Her personal appeals to the goddess Pele were said to have stopped a lava flow that threatened to destroy Hilo. During her lifetime Ruth Ke‘elikōlani inherited and managed vast land holdings throughout the islands, which she bequeathed to Bernice Pauahi Bishop. Today, they form a substantial portion of the properties administered by Kamehameha Schools, a non-profit estate established to educate Hawaiian children.

In keeping with Ke‘elikōlani’s own devotion to Hawaiian language and culture, this half-hour documentary has two versions—English and Hawaiian. Both appear on this DVD.

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