Past Brown Bag Events

Since its debut in September 1988, there have been over 700 Brown Bag Talks! Speakers are organized alphabetically by last name–you can use your browserʻs search function or browse by letter using the page anchors below.


Abbott, Isabella. See UH Alumni.

Acido, Jeffrey Tangonan. See Value of Hawai‘i II.

Ah Chong, Justin, ʻĀina Paikai, and Richard Hamasaki
Nov.  26, 2019–”Down on the Sidewalk in Waikīkī: Screening and Talk Story”

Ahia, Māhealani
Oct. 18, 2018–”Kihawahine: Shapeshifting Life and Afterlife of Maui’s Famous Akua Mo’o”

Ahn, Christine
Oct. 22, 2015—“Women Crossing the Line for Peace in Korea”

Aikau, Hokulani
Nov. 29, 2007—“Riding/Writing Feminist Waves, Feminist Generations: Personal Narratives from Three Generations of Feminist Academics”
Apr. 4, 2013—“A Chosen People, A Promised Land: Mormonism and Race in Hawai‘i”

Aiu, Coline, and Karen Aiu. See Biography Hawai‘i.

Aitken, Robert, Roshi
Oct. 4, 2007—“Early Days in Honolulu and the Founding of the Diamond Sangha”

Akiyama, Daniel
Apr. 15, 2004—“Designs for ‘Design’: Interpreting and Staging Noel Coward’s Design for Living”

Alegado, Dean
Nov. 30, 2006—“Singalot (The Ties That Bind): Constructing the History of Filipinos in the United States”

Altizer, Nell
Apr. 1, 1999—“From Archive to Poem: Poetry and Biographical Research”

Alvarez, Pat
Mar. 11, 2004—“Back in Focus: Restoring Lives to the History Classroom”

Ames, Roger
Mar. 17, 1994—“Sun-Tzu: A Moment in the Biography of a Militarist Lineage”

Andrade, Carlos. See also Value of Hawaiʻi.
Feb. 19, 2009—“Haena: Through the Eyes of Ancestors”

Andres, Bernard
Oct. 10, 2006—“Pierre de Sales Laterriere (1743–1815): The Biography of a Canadian Adventurer”

Andrews, Lewis
Nov. 5, 1992—“The Legend of Filippo Lippi”
Dec. 1, 2011—“Edward Weston and Jean Charlot: A Friendship in Letters”

Angell, Lowell
Apr. 1, 1993—“Purveyors of Illusion: Some Notable Figures from Hawaiʻi’s Theatrical Past”
Oct. 27, 2011—“Theatres of Hawaiʻi: Places of Performance in the Islands, 1847–1970”

Annan, Lord Noel
Mar. 21, 1990—“The Cult of Homosexuality”
Mar. 22, 1990—“Margaret Thatcher”

Aoude, Ibrahim. See Ethnic Studies.

Apo, Peter
Sept. 14, 1995—“The Hollywood Experience, 1960–1975: Life and Death in the Fast Lane”

Aquino, Lori
Dec. 8, 2005—“On Conjuring the Ghost of Walter Kupau”

Armitage, Kimo, Pua Lee, and Kaeo NeSmith
Oct. 18, 2007—“Articlating the Forbidden Island: Mapping Personal Narratives for Aloha Niihau

Arnade, Peter
Oct. 2, 2014—“Vendettas, Blood Feuds, and Sexual Scandal: Narratives of Self Defense in Renaissance Crime Stories”

Baclayon, Keoki
Jan. 30, 2014—“Levon Ohai and the Spread of Lā‘au Lapa‘au (Hawaiian Medicine) through Kamakakūokalani Center for Hawaiian Studies”

Baez, Elizabeth
Feb. 26, 1998—“Modern Poets from Mexico: Coral Bracho and Octavio Paz”

Baker, Haili‘ōpua, and Kaliko Baker
Nov. 5, 2015—“Language, Storytelling, Identity: Hana Keaka Hawai‘i”

Balderston, Adele
Apr. 20, 2017—“88 Block Walks: Taking Back the Narrative of Kaka‘ako”

Baldovi, Louis
Nov. 21, 2002—“A Foxhole View: Personal Accounts of Hawai‘i’s Korean War Veterans”

Balina, Marina
Nov. 1, 2018–“Jewish Childhood Recollections in Post-Soviet Autobiographical Discourse.”

Ball, Robert
Mar. 15, 2007—“The Correspondence of Gilbert Highet and Helen MacInnes with Famous Classical Scholars and Other Notable Individuals”
May 1, 2008—“Joseph Machlis and the Enjoyment of Music”

Baroni, Helen
Nov. 21, 2013—“Dear Roshi: Crafting a Buddhist Identity Via Letters”

Baroud, Ramzy
Nov 1, 2018–”Give the Palestinian People the Right to Tell Their Own Stories.”

Bauer, Yehuda
Sept. 3, 1992—“Biographical Testimonies of Holocaust Survivors”

Beamer, Kamanamaikalani. See also Value of Hawai‘i II.
Mar. 12, 2015—“No Mākou ka Mana: Liberating the Nation”

Beamish, Rita
Apr. 3, 2003—“Beyond the Spin: Journalistic Challenges from the Beltway and Beyond”

Becker, Jim
Oct. 26, 1995—“The Life of a Foreign Correspondent”
Nov. 9, 2006—“Eyewitness to History; Or, The Right Dali Lama and Other Stories Behind the Stories”

Beechert, Alice M., and Edward C. Beechert
Sept. 30, 1999—“Autobiography, Biography, and Hawai‘i Labor History”
Mar. 13, 2001—“From Kona to Yenan: The Political Memoirs of Koji Ariyoshi”

Bell, Alana
Feb. 18, 1999—“Ethel Azama: Searching for a Life in Jazz”

Bennett, Jesi Lujan, Ken Gofigan Kuper, and Leonard Leon
Feb. 28, 2013—“Life Writing and Pacific Island Studies: Student Perspectivesʻ

Bennett, Virginia
Fall 1988—“Literary Memoirs in Nineteenth- and Twentieth-century Russia”
Mar. 19, 1992—“Biely’s Reminiscences of Blok: A Confession?”
Oct. 19, 1995—“Dialogue Through Diaries: Leo and Sonya Tolstoy”
Apr. 7, 2005—“How to Write a Prix Goncourt Novel based on Russian Childhood Autobiographies”

Bepler, Jill
Oct. 31, 1996—“Funeral Books and Dynastic Projections in Early Modern Germany: A Female Concern?”

Berger, John
Mar. 14, 2013—“Hawaiian Music and Musicians, Revised and Updated”

Bertz, Ned
Oct. 29, 2015—“Between Diaspora and Nation: Narrating Lives in the Indian Ocean World”

Betts, James W.
Nov. 2, 2006—“Writing the Rails: Constructing Personal Narratives and Historical Accounts”

Beutner, Kate
Apr. 3, 2014—“Fiction, Nonfiction, and Biography: Researching across Genres”

Bickerton, Derek
Mar. 12, 2009—“In Search of Bastard Tongues”

Bickley, Gillian, and Verner Bickley
Apr. 9, 1998—“Frederick Stewart, Scottish Founder of Hong Kong Government Education”
With comments on his role in King Kalakaua’s visit to Hong Kong in 1881

Biography Hawai‘i: Five Lives—Sanford Ballard Dole
Oct. 3, 2002—“Alfred L. Castle, Tom Coffman, David Farmer, David Hanlon, and Laura Thompson”

Biography Hawai‘i: Five Lives—Maiki Aiu Lake
Nov. 14, 2002—Coline Aiu, Karen Aiu, Joy Chong-Stannard, Craig Howes, Victoria Nalani Kneubuhl, Puakea Nogelmeier, and Kalena Silva

Blair, Chad. See Value of Hawaiʻi.

Bloom, Lynn Z.
Mar. 7, 2006—“The Ethics of Writing Autobiography”

Bodemer, Brett
Feb. 12, 2009—“Carrying Coals from Newcastle: A Northumbrian Missionary in China, 1897–1912”

Bolin, John, S.M.
Dec. 1, 2005—“Biography and Autobiography: Transition from Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger to Pope Benedict XVI”

Bomberger, Douglas
Sept. 21, 2000—“Nineteenth-Century Lives: Editing Brainard’s Biographies of American Musicians”

Bonura, Sandra
Nov 2 , 2017—“Ida May Pope, Partnered with the Queen to become a Pioneer for Hawai‘i’s Daughters”

Booth, Marlene
Feb. 17, 2011—“Don’t Say That in Public: Filming Others’ Lives”
Apr. 30, 2015—“Kū Kanaka/Stand Tall: The Force and Legacy of Kanalu Young”

Bose, Purnima, and Laura E. Lyons
Apr. 13, 2006—“CEO’s and Corporate Genealogies”

Bousquet, Louis. See also Gonschor, Lorenz.
Nov. 20, 2014—“Chétien de Troyes: The First Romantic”

Bowarczyk, Monika
Jan. 10, 2013—“Her Stories: Women’s Autobiographies in Hindi”

Bowman, Sally-Jo Keala-o-Anuenue
Nov. 8, 2007—“Preserving Our Treasure: Gathering and Writing Stories of Our Elders”

Boylan, Daniel, and Michael Holmes
Oct. 21, 1993—“Co-authorship and Political Biography”

Bradshaw, Joel
Nov. 18, 2010—“Exploring Prior Lives: Adventures in Wiki Epistemology”

Brady, Kat. See Value of Hawaiʻi.

Brennan, Barry, and James Hollyer
Dec. 4, 2008—“CTAHR: 100 Years and/of Growing”

Britos, Peter
Apr. 29, 2005—“The Auto in Sobriety, Spirals & Delirium”

Brown, Marie Alohalani
Nov. 19, 2015—“Facing the Spears of Change: The Life and Legacy of John Papa ‘Ī‘ī”
Biography Prize Lecture

Brown Trickey, Minnijean, and Ann Levett
Apr. 1, 2008—“Childhood Experiences, Education, and the Pursuit of Social Justicew”

Bruneau, William
Jan. 21, 1999—“The Perilous Condition of Musical Biography at Century’s Turn: What Is to Be Done?”
Jan. 17, 2003—“Can There Be Philosophical Biography? The Case of Bertrand Russell”
Jan. 15, 2009—“Liberals Under Stress: Bertrand Russell and Gilbert Murray, 1900–1956″
Jan. 21, 2010—“The Education of Bertrand Russell”
Jan. 20, 2011—“Principia Patrum: Bertrand and Conrad Russell”

Bryson, Gordon 
Dec. 9, 2010—“Foundations of Education: A Literal Correspondence between Two Viewpoints”

Bryson, Liz
April 10, 2008—“A Gift of Stories: CFHT’s Oral History Project”

Buckingham, Dorothea N.
Mar. 16, 2006“On Writing Hawai‘i-based Historical Fiction”

Buker, Eloise A.
Dec. 2, 1999—“Hybrid Identities, In-Between Locations, and the Case of Sr. Anna McAnanyʻs Political Leadership in Hawaiʻi”

Burgwinkle, William
Oct. 3, 1991—“Twelfth Century Biography: The Troubadour Example”

Burns, James MacGregor, and Susan Dunn
Jan. 22, 2004—“American Presidents: George Washington and FDR”

Butler, Will
Sept. 18, 2003—“Memoirs of Several Lives”

Cachola, Ellen-Rae
Mar. 22, 2018—“An Introduction to the Jon Van Dyke Archive at the UHM Law Library”

Cahill, Emmett
Dec. 7, 1995—“The Shipman Family on the Big Island, 1854–1994”

Callahan, William A.
Apr. 16, 1992“Zhuang Zi: Person or Text”

Cann, Rebecca
Sept. 7. 1995—“The Eve Hypothesis and Biography”

Caraway, Nancie
Oct. 26, 1989—“Voice, Method, and Authority: Who Tells Women’s Stories”
Apr. 8, 1999—“An Epic, An Opera, A Myth, A Political Life Force: The Theater of Petra Kelly”

Carl, Carol Ann. See Ariana Tibon.

Carlson, Amy
Oct. 8, 2020—“Reading Mediated Identities: Auto/Biographical Agency in the Material Book, Museum Space, Social Media Platforms, and Archives

Caron, James
Sept. 18, 1997—“Mark Twain and Hawaiian Culture”
Feb. 26, 2009—“Mark Twain: Unsanctified Newspaper Reporter”

Carr, Norma
Oct. 6, 1994—“Puerto Rican Success Stories in Hawaiʻi”

Carroll, Dennis
Oct. 28, 1999—“Bio-Plays: Pitfalls for Playwrights”

Carroll, Jeff
Oct. 10. 2002—“Baby Please Don’t Go: The Blues as Writing the Underlife”

Carson, Anne Conover
Feb. 24, 1994—“Olga Rudge, Pound’s Muse, and the Cantos”
Feb. 9, 1995—“Dead or Alive: A Biographer’s Most Difficult Choice”
Feb. 22, 1996—“Julia Walsh: Army Widow to First Lady of Wall Street”

Castle, Alfred L. See also Biography Hawai‘i.
Nov. 29, 2001—“William R. Castle and American Foreign Policy, 1919–1953”

Cayetano, Benjamin
Sept. 2, 1993—“Beyond the Dossier: Assessing Character and Personality in Public Figures”

Chain 7: Memoir / Anti-Memoir
Oct. 12, 2000—“Spahr, Juliana, Jacinta Galeaʻi, Susan Schultz, Caroline Sinavaiana-Gabbard, and Alison Yap”

Chakravarty, Urvashi
Nov. 17, 2011—“Legible Economies: Inscribing Household Service in Early Modern England”

Chan, Gaye
Mar. 22, 2007—“Waikīkī: A History of Forgetting and Remembering”

Chan, Leilani, and Ova Saopeng
Feb. 22, 2018—“Masters of the Currents: Theater, Community, and Social Change.”

Chandler, Susan
Feb. 10, 2011—“Social Service: Back (and Front) Stages in a Live of Advocacy”

Chandra, Nandini
Apr. 14, 2016—“The Anthropo-logics of BioGraphics in India”

Chang, Daven
Sept. 21, 2017—”Hanohano ka Laulima ma ka Hakumele: Honoring the Community through Hakumele”

Chapin, Helen Geracimos
Sept. 25, 2003—“The Greeks of Hawai‘i: An Odyssey”

Chapman, William
Nov. 17, 1994—“Augustus Pitt Rivers and British Anthropology”

Chappell, David
Oct. 15, 1998—“Writing a Collective Biography of Kanaka Seamen”

Charlot, John
Mar. 4, 1999—“Jean Charlot, Father and Subject: Family Memoir and Academic Study”

Chassen-Lopez, Francie
Oct. 27, 2016—“Power and Gender in Nineteenth Century Mexico: The Extraordinary Career of Juana C. Romero”

Chattergy, Virgie
Oct. 5, 2017—“Pinay: Culture Bearers of the Filipino Diaspora

Chen, Wai-Fah
Jan. 31, 2008—“My Life’s Journey: Reflections of an Academic”

Chesney-Lind. Meda. See Value of Hawaiʻi.

Choi, Chongko
Apr. 16, 1998—“Yu Kiljun: The First Korean in America”
Feb. 23, 2006—“Paul K. Ryu (1905–1998): Korean Nationalism and Cosmopolitanism”

Chong, Frank
Feb. 13, 1997—“Everything You Need to Know about Hawaiian Politicians: Writing the Legislative Yellow Pages”

Chong–Stannard, Joy. See Biography Hawai‘i.
——— with Chris Conybeare and Victoria Nalani Kneubuhl
Oct. 7, 1999—“The 1949 Dock Strike: History and Life Writing on Television”
——— with Victoria Nalani Kneubuhl, Craig Howes, and Denise Miyahana
Nov. 12, 2015—“Ka Hana Kapa, Ke Pa‘i Wikiō: Making Kapa, Making a Television Documentary”

Chou, Michaelyn
Nov. 19, 1998—“Hiram L. Fong: First Asian American U.S. Senator”

Chun, Jayson M.
Sept. 20, 2007—“ʻA Nation of a Hundred Million Idiots?’: Writing a Social History of Japanese Television”

Chun-Hoon, Lowell. See Value of Hawaiʻi.

Chute, Hillary
Oct. 24, 2013—“Maus and MetaMaus: Art Spiegelman and the Archive”

Chyba, Monique
Nov. 13, 2008—“Women in Mathematics”

Clark, John
Nov. 15, 2007—“Guardians of the Sea: Jizo in Hawai‘I”

Cleland, Charles E.
Mar. 20, 2014—“Beyond the Far Horizon with Alexander Henry”

Cody, William
Nov. 10. 1994— “Narcissism vs. Patriotism: A Pound of Conflict”

Coffman, Makena. See Value of Hawai‘i II.

Coffman, Tom. See also Biography Hawai‘i; Value of Hawaiʻi I.
Feb. 22, 2000—“Biography and History in Various Media”
Feb. 21, 2008—“Hung Wai and Shigeo: Heroes in Hiding”
Feb. 25, 2010—“The Making of Ninoy and the Rise of People Power”
Dec. 5, 2019—“Tadaima! I Am Home: A Transnational Family History

Cogan, Doris Coulter
July 11, 2008—“We Fought the Navy and Won: Guamʻs Quest for Democracy”

Cohen, Ralph
May 20, 1994—“The Genre Autobiography”

Colby, Sasha
Dec. 15, 2011—“Staging Modernist Lives: The Case of H.D.”

Coleman, Stuart
Sept. 24, 2009—“Fierce Heart: A Biography of Place and a Portrait of a Surfing Community”

Collins, Sara. See also Value of Hawaiʻi.
Feb. 28, 1991—“Recovering Lives: Physical Anthropology and Identification of U.S. War Dead”
Feb. 27, 2003—“Osteo-Biography: Bringing the Dead to Life”

Compoc, Kim
Nov 16, 2017—“American Tutelage Gone Awry: Antonio Taguba, Filipino Americanism, and the Critique of Torture”

Compoc, Kim, and Logan Narikawa
Oct. 1, 2015—“Narratives of Solidarity: Toward an Independent Hawai‘i”

Conant, Sheila. See Kane, Kathleen.

Conrad, Agnes
Apr. 17, 1997—“I Found It at the Archives”

Conybeare, Chris. See Chong-Stannard, Joy.

Cook, Kealani
Oct 25, 2018–”Return to Kahiki: Native Hawaiians in Oceania”

Cooper, Joshua
Nov. 9, 1995—“Presidents and Politics in Paradise”
Mar. 22, 2001—“Deskaheh at the League of Nations: Paving the Path Toward Peace for Indigenous Peoples in the International Arena”
Apr. 19, 2012—“The Emergence of Earth Rights in Public International Law: Its Importance of Island Communities in the Pacific and Beyond to Save Our Planet”

Cooper, Michael
Sept. 15, 2005—“Four Boys to Rome: The Japanese Mission to Europe in the 1580s”

Cortright, David
Feb. 14, 2019–“How I Protested the Vietnam War as a Soldier in the Army”

Cowing, Cedric
Feb. 14, 1991—“The New Lights Clergy: A Mystical Elite?”
Oct. 10, 1996—“California Dreamer: The Mysticism of Luther Burbank”

Crawford, S. Cromwell
Oct. 18, 1990—“Ram Mohan Roy: Pioneer of Indian Freedom”

Crisp, Rev. George
Feb. 10, 1994—“Uncovering Family Biography”

Cristafori, Marilyn. See Value of Hawaiʻi.

Crosier, Carl
Nov. 16, 2000—“The Bach Legacy in the Year 2000”

Cross, Karen
Apr. 20, 1995—“Prosopographical Circumnavigation, or 3 Years, 4 Women, and 7 Men Before the Mast”

Cross, Larry, and James Marsh
Mar. 3, 1994—“Why Do Biographers Write What They Do”

Curtis, Henry. See Value of Hawaiʻi.

Darwich, Mona
Oct. 30, 2003—“Oral Histories of Hawai‘i’s Muslims”

Das Gupta, Monisha. See also Ethnic Studies.
Oct. 29, 2009—“‘Don’t Deport Our Daddies’: Gendering State Deportation Practices and Anti-Deportation Operations”

Dator, James
Sept. 21, 1995—“The Newt and I”

Davis, Lynn
Sept. 23, 1999—“A Research Library Comes of Age: Preservation of and Access to Archival Collections”

Davidson, Sara
Feb. 24, 2011—“Creative Nonfiction—An Oxymoron? Bastard or New Literary Hybrid”

Dawson, Ruth
Feb. 8, 2001—“Catherine the Great and the Theory and Practice of Celebrity in Early Modern Western Europe”
Nov. 7, 2002—“Catherine the Great and the Spectacle of Power”

DeFrancis, John
Fall 1988—“By Camel and Raft in Warlord China”

Dela Vega, Li-Anne. See Shea, Lisa.

Denney, Reuel
Oct. 12, 1989—“Animal Figures in American Life Stories”

Desser, Daphne
Apr. 1, 2004—“Females May Be Useful: Gender Role Anxiety in Letters and Diaries of American Missionary Women in Hawaiʻi”

Devatine, Flora
Feb. 2, 2012—“De l’ecriture orale”

Dewey, Alice
Feb. 4, 2010—“On Surviving Against the Odds: Teaching and Editing S. Ann Dunham”

Diamond, Heather A.
Oct. 30, 2008—“Anecdotal Evidence: Researching the Smithsonian Folklife Festival”

Diamond, Milton
Oct. 5, 1995—“Sex and Biography”

Dias, Austin
Jan. 29, 2004—“A Puerto Rican Poet on the Plantations of Hawaiʻi”

Dias, Gary
Feb. 13, 2003—“Honolulu Cop: Reflections on a Career with HPD”
Dec. 9, 2004—“Writing Honolulu Homicide and Honolulu CSI

Dissanayake, Wimal
Oct. 5, 1989—“Max Muller, Chaudhuri, and the Dynamics of Biography Making”

Dixon, Susan. See Wright, Ann.

Donahue, Tim
Nov. 7, 1996—“Educational Biography and the Intersection of Biography, History, and Literacy”

Dooley, Jim
Sept. 3, 2015—“Sunny Skies, Shady Characters: Cops, Killers, and Corruption in the Aloha State”

Doyle, David W.
Sept. 20, 1990—“Translation of a Communist Memoir: Boris Bazhanov”
Mar. 7, 1991—“Andropov in Context”
Feb. 25, 1993—“Performance Reports as Biography”
Jan. 25, 1996—“Aldrich Ames and Treason”

Dreschsel, Emmanuel
Nov. 8, 1990—“Wilhelm Humboldt: Anthropologist, Linguist, Humanist”

Dubanoski, Joan
Feb. 2, 1995—“Biography, Aging, and the Aging Biographer”

Dunn, Susan. See Burns, James MacGregor.

Dye, Robert
Sept. 1, 1994—“Chun Afong: Family, Fact, and Apocrypha”

Eakin, Paul John
May 10, 2001—“Autobiography’s ‘I’: A Neurological Perspective on Self and Nature”

Edel, Leon
Fall 1988—“Biography and the Unconscious”
Oct. 1, 1992—“The Nature of Autobiography”

Egan, Susanna
May 10, 2001—“Trivial Infidelities: Matters of Unreasonable Doubt in Autobiography”

Enomoto, Joy
Oct. 10, 2019—“Aelõñ in Aibojooj: The Beautiful Small Things of Marshallese Self Representation”

Enomoto, Joy, and Haley Kailiehu
Nov. 13, 2014—“Nā Lima Maiau: Wahine Artists Talk Story”

Entre Ríos, Lissi
Jan 31, 2019: “Gaucho Legacies: El Sosneado, My Home of Yesteryear (Antonio Entre Ríos)”

Ethnic Studies
Ibrahim Aoude, Monisha Das Gupta, and Davianna McGregor
Sept. 16, 2010—“‘Our History, Our Way’: Building Ethnic Studies at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa”

Etkin, Nina
Sept. 28, 2006—“Edible Medicines: The Intersection of Food, Life Narratives, and Health”

Falvey, Kathleen
Jan. 30, 1997—“To Save the Dancing Girl: The Figure of Salome in Early Italian Drama”

Fancher, Raymond
Apr. 2, 1998“Scientific Biography and Psychology: Some Lessons from the Life of Francis Galton”

Fantauzzo, Laurel Flores
Feb. 21, 2019–“Writing after Murder: Literary Reportage from Metro Manila”

Farmer, David. See Biography Hawai‘i.

Fassioto, Marie-José
Feb. 25, 1999—“Madame de la Tour du Pin: Toward a Definition of Memoirs”
Apr. 24, 2014—“La Faute à Rousseau? La Faute à Simson! Or, How a French Enlightenment Scholar Became Biography’s Reviews Editor—A Celebration of Marie-José Fassiotto”

Fassiotto, Michael
Oct. 29, 1992—“The Case for Queen Victoria”
Mar. 23, 2000—“The Marianist Biography Project at Chaminade”
Apr. 17, 2003—“The Marianist Biography Project: Lessons Learned (with Koreen Nakahodo)”

Felipe, Virgilio Menor
Jan. 29, 2004—“Talking Story is Writing History”

Ferguson, Kathy. See also Value of Hawaiʻi.
Oct. 4, 2001—“E.G.: Emma Goldman, For Example”
Jan. 22, 2009—“Bush in Drag: Sarah Palin and Endless War”

Feuerstein, Anna
Nov 30, 2017—“The Animal That Therefore I Am Not: The Politics of Animal (Auto)Biography from Black Beauty to Cat Internet Videos.”

Fialova, Helena
Feb. 8, 2007—“Teaching Economics: Then and Now”
Feb. 5, 2009—“An Ordinary Czech Like Me: Life Under Fascism, Communism, and Capitalism”

Fielding, Nick
May 19, 2015—“From the Central Asian Steppes to the Hawaiian Islands”

Figueroa, Esther
Sept. 19, 2013—“From People to Place: A Documentary Filmmaker’s Thirty-Year Journey”

Finney, Ben
Sept. 11, 1997—“Tupaia: A Tahitian Polymath of the Late Eighteenth Century”

Florez, Connie M.
Feb. 14, 2013—“The Making of The Glades Project”

Foley, Barbara
Feb. 9, 2012—“Encountering Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man: The Politics of Textural Revision”

Foley, Dennis
Nov. 15, 2001—“The Development of Indigenous Australian Literature: 1960s to 2001”

Foster, Barbara
Jan. 27, 2000—“Writing the Secret Lives of Tibetan Explorer Alexandra David-Neel”

Fowler, Cynthia
Dec. 12, 1996—“The Metaphor of Crop Biography: The Political Propagation of Sumatran House Gardens”

Francis, Allison
Oct. 5, 2006—“Gender and Ethnic Crossings in The Wonderful Adventures of Mary Seacole in Many Lands

Frank, Kiana
Mar. 8, 2018—“Hulahula and Learn Something: Expressing Culture and Science”

Frankel, Charles
Oct. 4, 1990—“Dead Right: Newspaper Obituaries as Biography”

Franklin, Cynthia
Oct. 3, 1996—“Anthologizing Women’s Communities: The Place of Identity Politics in Contemporary Multigenre Anthologies in the U.S. Academy”
Sept. 12, 2013—“Signs of Life Under Occupation: What I Learned Traveling from Tel Aviv through the oPt”
——— and Laura E. Lyons
Apr. 1, 2010—“The Evidentiary Power of Grief: Relational Witnessing and Testimony in the Gwen Araujo Case”

Frazer, Neil
Feb. 24, 2005—“Wilderness Travel on the Northwest Coast of North America: Reflections on Governance, Science, the Governance of Science, ʻĀina, Exile, and the Choice of Where to be from”

Freadman, Richard
Aug. 3, 2000—“ʻCustodians of Their Own Fates?’ Diana (and Lionel) Trilling in The Beginning of the Journey
Mar. 14, 2002—“Decent Man’s Descent: My Father’s Life and After-Life”

Friederich, Reinhard
Spring 1989—“Biography of Landscape”

Friedman, Ellen
Mar. 10, 2005—“On the Way to a Story of the Holocaust”
Oct. 13, 2011—“Bicycles and Chicken Farms: A Holocaust Story”
Sept. 27, 2018–”Writing About Other Peopleʻs Memories”

Friedman, Lawrence J.
Aug. 12, 1997—“Erik Erikson: Writing the Biography of a Psychobiographer”

Friedson, Anthony
Apr. 26, 2000—“The Impact of Biography on Other Literary Genres”

Frizzell, Nohealani Hirahara
Feb. 13, 2020—“Native Stories”

Fuchs, Miriam
Feb. 6, 1992—“T. S. Eliot and Djuna Barnes: Authority, Resistance, and Acquiescence”

Fulton, Richard
Oct. 22, 2009—“Ministering to ‘the blind, brutal British Public’s bestial thirst for blood’: Why the Victorian War Correspondent Matters”

Furstenberg, Barbara
Nov. 19, 1992—“The Men Who Built the Hawaiʻi Theater”
Dec. 5, 1996—“John Mason Young: First Engineering Professor at the University of Hawai‘i, and Pioneer in Town-Gown Relations”

Gagnon, John
Feb. 15, 2018—“Writing With Not About: Constellating Stories in Auto-ethnography”

Galacgac, Ashley, and Kate Kahoana
Apr. 25, 2013—“On the Edge of Hope and Healing: Flipping the Script on Filipinos in Hawai‘I”

Galeaʻi, Jacinta. See Chain.

Galtung, Johan
Jan. 18, 1990—“Reflections on Developmental Stages in Human Personality”
Mar. 26, 2002—“On Writing Biography. Did George Simson’s Biodigms Help?”

Garneau, Marie-Christine [McCarthy]
Mar. 5, 1998—“Cardinal de Retz: Towards a Necrography”
Dec. 5, 2002—“Memoirs of a Tourist, or a Tourist of Memoirs”

Garneau, Theo
Dec. 2, 2004—“Gabe Baltazar: Writing a Musical Life”
Mar. 18, 2010—“Writing the Life of Hawai‘i’s Great Gabe Baltlazar Jr.: Some High Notes from a Horn of Plenty”

Gay, Harriet
Apr. 4, 1991—“The Troubadours: A Composite Biography”
Apr. 9, 1992—“The Etruscan Smile: Biography of a Mysterious Race”
Apr. 8, 1993—“Ezra Pound, Poet and Prisoner”
Apr. 14, 1994—“D. H. Lawrence and Sexual Freedom”
Apr. 27, 1995—“Jean Rhys and the Savage God”
Apr. 25, 1996—“The Three Masks of Colette”
Apr. 24, 1997—“Eleonora Duse and Gabriele D’Annunzio”
Apr. 23, 1998—“The Muse of Extravagance: Sarah Bernhardt”
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Biography Prize Lecture

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