Margaret Maiki Aiu Lake

Margaret Maiki Aiu Lake, 2002

Maiki Aiu Lake was one of the most widely recognized kumu hula, or hula masters, of the twentieth century. She was passionately devoted to learning about Hawaiian culture at a time when such interests were often discouraged. As a very young woman she sought out some of the most respected kumu hula of her time, including her primary teacher, Lōkālia Montgomery. Maiki helped to preserve and pass on crucial components of Hawaiian knowledge and tradition through difficult times. In her school, Hālau Hula o Maiki, she trained many of the most-respected kumu hula who teach and practice today. Maiki Aiu Lake was indisputably one of the major contributors to the 1970s cultural reawakening on a grand scale that has come to be called the Hawaiian renaissance.

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