The Udall Scholarship is administered by the Morris K. and Stewart L. Udall Foundation, which was established by Congress in 1992 to honor the legacies of the brothers whose careers had a significant impact on Native American self-governance, health care, and stewardship of public lands and natural resources.

Each year, 50 scholarships are awarded to college sophomores and juniors in the United States for their leadership, public service, and commitment to issues related to Native American nations or to the environment.

Scholarship Categories

Prospective Udall Scholars may choose to apply under these scholarship categories:

  1. Tribal Policy – for Native Americans and Alaska Natives working on an array of policy issues in Indian country and show intent to pursue a related career affecting tribe or Native Americans and Alaska Natives, and who demonstrate a commitment to Indian country by participation in cultural activities and service to the community
  2. Native Health Care – for Native Americans and Alaska Natives pursuing health-related careers interested in improving health care practices and delivery in Indian country or contributing to health care policy and research, and who demonstrate a commitment to Indian country by participation in cultural activities and service to the community
  3. Environment – for all undergraduates interested in addressing conservation and environmental issues on a local, national, or global scale, and who demonstrate a commitment to the environment through participation in campus activities or service to the community


Prospective scholars must meet these requirements to apply:

  • Be currently enrolled sophomores (having completed at least three semesters of college coursework, not counting college credits/courses earned during high school) or juniors (who will be full-time undergraduates for the following academic year)
  • Be a U.S. citizen, permanent resident, or national
  • Be able to attend a five-day Scholar Orientation in Tucson, Arizona from August 6-10, 2024 to network, meet other scholars and alumni, and learn new skills
  • For Tribal Policy and Native Health Care scholarships ONLY, the applicant or one or more of his/her grandparents or parents must be enrolled in a state or federally recognized tribe or band OR the applicant must be a permanent US resident/citizen who is a member of the First Nations of Canada

Application Process

The application cycle for Udall Scholars receiving their scholarship in academic year 2024-2025 opens in Fall 2023 to ensure that students have sufficient support from the Scholarships & Fellowships Office and adequate time to put together a thorough application.

In Fall, the Scholarship & Fellowships Office hosts information sessions to share details about the fellowship opportunity.

Prospective applicants should use the fall semester through winter break to gather and complete their application materials. It is highly recommended that applicants revisit and revise them frequently, ensuring that their final application is a reflection of their best efforts.

After the internal campus deadline has passed, the Scholarship & Fellowships Office forwards completed applications to a faculty selection committee for review and consideration. Select candidates are then invited to an interview with the committee, after which the committee recommends particular students to receive a formal University nomination.

Students who are chosen for University endorsement will continue to work with the Scholarship and Fellowships Office to gather and finalize the application materials due for the national deadline.

Endorsed candidates shall remain in communication with the Scholarship & Fellowships Office and provide application status updates. The Scholarships & Fellowships Office is committed to providing assistance and support throughout each student’s fellowship journey.

Click here for a detailed application timeline.

Application Requirements

Applications for the Udall Scholarship will require University endorsement. This means that students will not be allowed to submit their application directly to the agency that handles the Udall Scholarship, but rather via the University with a formal nomination on their behalf. It is imperative that candidates work closely with the Fellowship Advisor to ensure that all application deadlines and requirements are met. Contact information may be found here.

For tips on putting together the various components of the application, please visit the Application Resources page.

The internal campus application consists of:

  • Campus Application Cover Sheet
  • Udall Scholarship Application
    • Candidates must inform UHM SFO of their intent to apply so that we may provide students with access to the online application.
    • Sections of the application have very specific limitations (eg. character count, number of allotted entries), which will be posted on the application. Exceeding the permitted number of items/characters will result in point deductions on the application.
    • Short Responses
      Describe career and professional aspirations, research experience, leadership experience, and motivation for impacting change to the environment, tribal health policy, or Native American health care.
    • Résumé/CV/List of Activities
      List institutions attended, awards/recognition, activities, and work experience.
    • Essay
      Discuss a significant public speech, legislative act, book, or public policy statement by Congressman Morris K. Udall or Secretary of Interior Stewart L. Udall and its impact on candidate’s field of study, interests, and career goals.
  • 3 Letters of Recommendation
    Letters should be addressed to the Udall Scholarship Selection Committee, signed on letterhead, and represent a range of academic and professional references.
    • One letter must focus on the candidate’s leadership abilities and potential
    • One letter must speak to student’s involvement in public service
    • One letter must focus on candidate’s academic accomplishments
  • Transcripts
    Students may submit a STAR report for all coursework taken within the UH system; official transcripts must be submitted for outside institutions.
  • For Tribal Policy and Native Health Care scholarships and/or permanent residents, additional documentation will be required.
  • Campus Interview
    Select candidates will be invited for an interview with the faculty review committee; candidates will be informed if advancing to the interview stage via email.

The UH Mānoa campus deadline to apply is 4:00pm HST on January 12, 2024.

If selected for University endorsement, the following will need to be submitted:

  • Revised Udall Scholarship Application
    • Revised Short Responses
    • Revised Résumé/CV/List of Activities
    • Revised Personal Statement
  • 3 Letters of Recommendation (same as the ones already submitted)
  • Official Transcripts
    An official transcript must be submitted for all UH coursework.
  • For Tribal Policy and Native Health Care scholarships and/or permanent residents, proof of status
  • University Endorsement

Nominated candidates must submit their final application to the UH Mānoa Scholarships & Fellowships Office by 4:00pm HST on February 23, 2024. Endorsed applications must be received by the Udall Foundation by March 6, 2024.


The Udall Foundation website contains useful resources that will help in the preparation of the fellowship application. Visit these landing pages to gain more insight into this fellowship opportunity:

The Application Resources page houses general application documents applicable to all fellowships as well as the following supplemental materials for this specific fellowship:

Udall Scholarship Application Checklist
Udall Scholarship Cover Sheet – Campus Application

Application Timeline

Fall 2023Campus Announcement for Open Applications
Oct 11, 2023Info Session, 2:30-3:20pm, via Zoom (RSVP via this GoogleForm)
Oct 12, 2023Info Session, 1:30-2:20pm, via Zoom (RSVP via this GoogleForm)
Jan 12, 2024Deadline for Internal Campus Application, 4:00pm
Jan 22-26, 2024Campus Interview for Select Candidates
Feb 5, 2024All Applicants Notified of Status
Feb 23, 2024Deadline for Final Application for Endorsed Candidates
Mar 6, 2024Deadline to Submit Applications to Udall Foundation
Apr 18, 2024Applicants Emailed of Status
May 3, 2024Udall Scholars Selection and Posting
Aug 6-10, 2024Udall Scholar Orientation