Academic transcripts are records of college-level coursework. While grades are the most obvious pieces of information offered by these records, other details from transcripts may reveal pertinent information for fellowship committees to assess a candidate’s potential for success. Fellowship committees may evaluate the difficulty of the coursework undertaken to determine if a student would be able to handle the rigors of advanced studies or look to see if the student has taken relevant coursework that supports his/her stated goals and interests.

Some ways to incorporate coursework that may help boost the application include:

  • Enrolling in Honors courses, an academic program of challenging coursework that culminates in an independent project.
  • Pursuing a second major, minor, certificate, or concentrating your electives in an area of interest to show a commitment to stated goals/interests.
  • Taking language/culture classes that increase exposure to a different culture.
  • Trying out experiential or advanced work in a student’s field of study, such as by independent research credits (399 or 499 courses) or graduate-level coursework.
  • Becoming a teaching assistant to demonstrate that a candidate’s grasp of a subject area is strong enough so that s/he can teach and tutor others in that particular class.
  • Participating in a mentoring/leadership program awarded college credits are awarded while the student is gaining leadership experience, such as through First-Year Programs, New Student Orientation, or Mānoa Peer Advisors.

Transcript Requirements

When ordering transcripts, please keep the processing and mailing time in mind. Make your request as early as possible to ensure receipt of transcripts by the appropriate deadlines. Also, pay attention to each institution’s instructions for requesting transcripts. Some institutions, such as UH Mānoa, will stamp “Issued to Student” on transcripts picked up by students. Have your transcripts mailed to our office, at our address below. Please note that coursework from ALL institutions previously attended will need to be submitted. Please check with the Fellowship Advisor to confirm the appropriate documents that will need to be submitted for each fellowship application.

Internal Campus Applications are reviewed by a committee of UH Mānoa faculty who will recommend candidates for University endorsement. For this application, transcript requirements are as follows:

  • UH system coursework: unofficial transcripts through a STAR report are allowable. Access records of your coursework through MyUH to print a copy of your coursework.
  • Coursework taken outside of the UH system: official transcripts MUST be submitted. Please check with the respective campuses for instructions on obtaining official reports of course grades. See the bottom of this page for our mailing address if sending transcripts directly to the UH Mānoa Scholarships & Fellowships Office.

Endorsed Applications are the applications that will be submitted to the official agency handling a particular fellowship. It is imperative to work closely with the Fellowship Advisor to ensure that you submit the correct version of your transcripts, as the requirements may differ than what is listed below. In general, you can expect transcript requirements to be as follows:

  • UH system coursework: official transcripts are required for the endorsed application. Information for requesting official UH Mānoa transcripts may be found here. For coursework taken at other campuses within the UH system, please request separate transcripts from those institutions. See the bottom of this page for our mailing address to send transcripts directly to the UH Mānoa Scholarships & Fellowships Office.
  • Coursework taken outside of the UH system: official transcripts that should have already been submitted for the internal campus application will be used for the endorsed application.

Mailing Address for UH Mānoa Scholarships & Fellowships Office

Please email the Fellowship Advisor at prior to ordering your transcripts.

We have been receiving a number of student transcripts for admissions or scholarship processes that our office does not handle. If you are an incoming student sending this as part of your acceptance to the University, check with the Undergraduate Admissions Office. If you are sending this in for consideration of a UHM specific scholarship, please find a list of scholarships on the Financial Aid Office’s website. If you send us transcripts without verifying if we should be the recipient, we have no means of letting you know if you have sent it to our office incorrectly.

When confirmed by the Fellowship Advisor, transcripts may be mailed to our office via the following information: UHM Scholarships & Fellowships
Sinclair Library 106
2425 Campus Road
Honolulu, HI 96822