MOP Certificate Program

Scuba Diver underwaterWhat is the Marine Option Program (MOP)?

The Marine Option Program is a certificate program open to University of Hawaiʻi students from any field of study who have an interest in the ocean. Students in the MOP certificate program have the opportunity to take marine-related coursework, and to conduct an independent research project or participate in an internship in a marine-related field. The MOP certificate program provides students with experiential education, research opportunities, networking, job opportunities, field trips, and the opportunity to pursue their passion for marine studies.

What is a Marine Option Program (MOP) Certificate?

The Marine Option Program Certificate is awarded to students who have completed a specialized marine-focused course of study, including required coursework and an independent Skill Project. The MOP certificate is similar to a minor, and is awarded to students who successfully complete 12-16 credit hours of marine-related courses, IS 100 (MOP Seminar) as well as a MOP Skill Project. The MOP certificate is an official University of Hawai’i Certificate that is registered on your transcript.

Interested in the Marine Option Program?

To join the MOP certificate program, complete a MOP Application form and meet with one of the MOP Coordinators soon.