MOP Certificate Course Requirements

Group of scuba diversTo receive a MOP certificate, students must complete the following requirements:

  • MOP seminar or introductory course (IS/BIOL 104 at UHM)
  • 9-12 hours of approved marine-related courses
  • A MOP Skill Project (IS/BIOL 400 at UHM)

UH Mānoa students are required to complete 12 classroom course credits and three (3) project course credits, while UH Community College students must complete nine (9) classroom course credits and a minimum two (2) project course credits. UH Hilo offers a four-course series (MOP Seminar, Proposal, Project, and Presentation) for MOP students.

Due to the flexibility of the Marine Option Program, students may choose from a wide variety of ocean-related courses to fulfill their certificate requirements. These courses include topics such as Oceanography, Art, History, Anthropology, Philosophy, Natural and Social Sciences, and more.

In addition to specific courses listed, the Honors Program, Interdisciplinary Studies and nearly all departments offer “directed reading” with faculty guidance, “directed research”, “field study”, “thesis research”, and similar courses in which each student determines his/her own course content. These will be accepted as fulfilling MOP requirements upon demonstration that an individual’s work for course credit is marine-related. Such offerings are generally available as 399 and/or 499; these will not be repeated for each department in the list. Any student interested in course credit for self-directed study should consult a current University of Hawaiʻi Course Catalog, his/her advisor, and the MOP staff.

In the event that students find courses which they feel should qualify as marine-related, they are encouraged to consult with the MOP Coordinator. Graduate courses, numbered 500 and above, are occasionally open to undergraduates. Some of these courses are included for completeness of the marine listings.

Not sure what classes are available this semester? Check out the Class Availability section of your MyUH, or contact your campus MOP Coordinator.