Botany Undergraduate Programs

The BS degree is designed for those students who plan a career in science with an emphasis on plants, especially those intending to do graduate studies. The BA program is a liberal arts degree with an emphasis on understanding modern concepts in plant sciences, particularly related to the role of botany in society and the uniqueness of the ecology of Hawai’i. The BA degree provides students the flexibility to pursue a broad liberal arts education, and still gain a sound foundation in botany with an area of particular interest. Courses are available in conservation, ecology, ethnobotany, molecular evolution, physiology, structural botany, systematics, and selected faculty research specialties. The courses applied toward the botany major may be selected with the student’s interest area in mind.

For more information, contact a Botany faculty member of the School of Life Sciences or the undergraduate advisors for the Botany program at:, Office: Hamilton Library 002K. Phone: 808-956-5911.  See  for more information on undergraduate advising.

Student Learning Outcomes

For a BS or BA in Botany, student will be able to:
Biological Knowledge:
Synthesis and Application
1. Explain biological processes from molecules to ecosystems in an evolutionary context, including being able to use examples from Hawai‘i.
Critical Thinking and Reasoning Skills2. Demonstrate scientific literacy by critically evaluating scientific evidence, identifying gaps in knowledge, and applying strong evidence-based biological arguments to real-world problems.
3. Apply the scientific method to generate new hypotheses, formulate experimental approaches and outline potential outcomes, applying appropriate logical and quantitative methods.
Values4. Work individually and in teams in an ethical manner, and demonstrate respect for diversity of viewpoints
Communication skills5. In oral and written forms, be able to communicate biological information clearly and professionally.

General Course Listings:

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