Microbiology Undergraduate Program

Our Microbiology undergraduate program will give you the basics of modern microbiology together with a solid background in the physical sciences (i.e. physics, chemistry and mathematics). The program will prepare you for graduate work in Microbiology or for professions such as medicine, optometry, dentistry, oceanography, etc. A bachelor’s degree will also allow for many careers in the food, pharmaceutical, health, agriculture, biotech, and environmental fields. Advising is mandatory; see a departmental advisor as soon as possible.

Student Learning Outcomes

For a BS or BA in Microbiology, student will be able to:

Biological Knowledge:
Synthesis and Application
1. Explain biological processes from molecules to ecosystems in an evolutionary context, including being able to use examples from Hawai‘i.
Critical Thinking and Reasoning Skills2. Demonstrate scientific literacy by critically evaluating scientific evidence, identifying gaps in knowledge, and applying strong evidence-based biological arguments to real-world problems.
3. Apply the scientific method to generate new hypotheses, formulate experimental approaches and outline potential outcomes, applying appropriate logical and quantitative methods.
Values4. Work individually and in teams in an ethical manner, and demonstrate respect for diversity of viewpoints
Communication skills5. In oral and written forms, be able to communicate biological information clearly and professionally.

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